BOSTON (CBS) – After two decades, tonight is last call for one location of Cheers in Boston.

The location outside Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace is closing for good Sunday night.

The owners said the coronavirus pandemic and a lack of assistance from the marketplace’s landlord played a role in making that decision to close.

The cheers location on beacon street where the iconic TV series is based will remain open.

  1. Warren Bennett says:

    No disrespect intended, but that venue outlived its useful life. Most twenty-something year old’s, don’t know what Cheers is/was, and don’t care/have any interest in leaning about Cheers. But, it is interesting to see the current posturing of Gazit Globe, the Israeli company that now owns Quincy Market. In my opinion, the Israeli’s are so used to being at war, and not working together, peacefully, that their unwillingness to work with the owners of Cheers, is very much consistent with their (Israeli) character. Gazit Globe, or predecessor, the owners of Quincy Market have a long history of having an adversarial relationship with their tenants. Just look at Quincy Market now, it looks just like the old Lafayette Place Mall, at Downtown Crossing; that place turned into a “hoods in the woods/more shoplifter then shopper” venue, and Quincy Market, now feels the same way; only to get worse, as the economy/retail marketplace and tourism declines. So much for the arrogance of those Israeli’s.

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