By Mike LaCrosse

BOSTON (CBS) – People enjoying the Boston Public Garden say the lagoon in the center looks a lot different compared to years past. “The water itself just a little bit too much algae and filth,” said Frank Sorz.

It’s not hard to find trash, debris and even dead animals in and around the murky water.

A plastic bottle in the Boston Public Garden lagoon (WBZ-TV)

“It’s usually not that color,” said Brian Spencer, who walks his new puppy in the park at least four times a day.

He said the Public Garden is a popular spot for city dwellers during the pandemic.

“There is a ton of picnicking, family picnics and typically which you’re not suppose to do but they’d been doing,” said Spencer.

The city’s Parks and Recreation department said the company that runs the Swan Boats handles testing and treatment of the water, but there are no Swan Boats this summer because of the pandemic.

The city recently started testing the water and people should expect improvements in the coming weeks.

“Normally at the Public Garden you have the Swan Boats running you have a lot more people in the park and some of that activity helps keep the geese away,” said Elliot Oren, owner of Geese Police Boston.

Oren said the influx of geese and their waste is also contributing to the water and conditions in the park.

“So August and September at the garden are the really busy times and we’re definitely going to be busy for the next six or so weeks down there,” said Oren.

Residents who consider the park their own backyard also want visitors to help keep it clean for all to enjoy.

Mike LaCrosse