BOSTON (CBS) — Phase 3 of the Massachusetts reopening plan begins Monday, Gov. Charlie Baker announced. But even though coronavirus numbers here are trending in the right direction, it could be a long time before the state enters Phase 4 and allows bars, nightclubs, amusement parks and other large capacity venues to reopen.

“Phase 4 is therapeutics or a vaccine,” Baker reiterated Thursday. When asked by a reporter if there was any chance that some of those businesses could reopen early, the governor simply replied “no.”

Texas and Florida have ordered reopened bars to shut down again after seeing a surge of coronavirus cases. Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci told a Senate panel this week that congregating inside at bars is “bad news.”

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“The primary driver of much of the significant increase in positive tests in a number of states has been the reopening of bars and nightclubs, and obviously bars and nightclubs are sitting in Phase 4 under our guidance, and there is a reason for that,” Baker said. “As difficult as it is for the people who operate and work in those institutions, we could not figure out a way to do that safely. And I think some of the indicators we’ve gotten from other states that moved forward with those is that they couldn’t figure that part out either.”

A coronavirus treatment needs to “enable resumption of a new normal” in order to trigger Phase 4, according to the state. Dr. Fauci said there’s “no guarantee” that there will be a safe and effective vaccine soon, but he’s hopeful that vaccine doses will be available by the beginning of 2021.


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  1. Jackie says:

    Your First Char-lie!!!! POS!

  2. Neil says:

    So bars are closed till 2021. There won’t be any left with the money to re-open. Baker is a clown who probably wants to run for president some day so he can control everyone’s lives. This whole covid thing is a media driven hysteria that many weak and frightened people cling to. Why does Massachusetts have more deaths than Florida and Texas combined? Cases don’t mean anything as most people that have it hardly know it. If this foolish Baker plan is so great why so many deaths in this pathetic state.

    1. Daniel says:

      Wow! This is impressive synergy among media outlets across the entire PLANET.

    2. Carol Hebert says:

      First, your statements are factually incorrect. Second, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut got hit hard in the early days of the virus spread but Florida has surpassed us in number of cases and number of deaths thanks, in part, to the fat little Trump wanna be who refuses to issue a state mandated mask order and who insists on keeping bars open. True, some people suffer only mild symptoms but there are many who die a miserable death when they become infected with the virus. The numbers don’t lie. I feel sorry for the bar owners but we are talking about people’s lives. So the lives of countless parents/husbands/brothers/sisters/sons/daughters/closest friends should be put at risk so you can party? If you think the State of Massachusetts is o pathetic move to Florida.

    3. Shailini M Sisodia says:

      Neil, pathetic state, MA?? you are definitely a trumpie , a rare breed here. Mass is a tiny state with a very powerful impact – we are number 1 in just about everything, literally!! Yes, even in the virus control, we are doing far better than most other states. If you live here, you should be that grateful!!

  3. Missie says:

    All y’all blasting Charlie need to take your gd tin hats off and pay attention to the science and stats. MA is one of only FOUR states in the nation where the virus is trending DOWN in the midst of the rest of the country spiking. If you don’t like his rules, go live in another state where government will cow-tow to your stupidity instead of making balanced decisions based on evolving data and science. Please and thank you, byeeeee.

    1. B says:

      Seems like you are the one wearing the tin foil hat. Believing the BS #’s the Dem part of the Govt. is throwing out to destroy our economy shows who the ones are that support destroying our country. Take your gd tin foil hat off.

      1. Daniel says:

        Why did Donald Trump send me a check with a letter stating this is a “public health and economic challenge as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic”
        Did a democrat write this?

  4. Chet says:

    The reason the virus numbers are trending down in Massachusetts is because of the buildup toward herd immunity. The more people get infected, the closer you are to the end of the epidemic as the virus runs out of people to infect. The lockdown in the Northeast of the US came too late to ‘flatten the curve,’ which explains why the numbers continue to go down despite over a month or reopening. If we actually flattenend the curve, the numbers would have gone up after reopening, instead of continuing to trend down. It is more people becoming immune, NOT social distancing measures, that is causing the epidemic to end. It is not a coincidence that the states that were hit hardest in the beginning now have the lowest numbers. It is not possible to reverse this progress.

    The reason the numbers are increasing in the Southwest of the country is because the virus hadn’t spread as much as it did in the Northeast back in March/April. It has nothing to do with reopening incorrectly. Bars and nightclubs won’t lead to any problems if there aren’t susceptible people to infect like there is in other parts of the country. We already know that at least half of people have pre-existing immunity based on contact with other coronaviruses. Charlie Baker is either stupid or a liar.

    There most likely won’t ever be a successful vaccine for this. There has never been a vaccine for a coronavirus, the flu vaccine barely works, and the average time to make an effective vaccine is seven years. Most attempts at a vaccine fail. Baker is basically saying bars will never open ever again, even if zero people are dying from Covid-19, which doesn’t make any sense. And “treatment” is very vague. People need to recognize the role immunity plays, and stop deluding yourself that safety precautions is what is causing the progress. End this fascist lockdown.

  5. Jake says:

    Screw the new Normal King Charlie!

  6. Kevin says:

    Umm… Also let’s not forget the 14th Amendment!

  7. Elias says:

    There is a lot of criticism of Baker to be had. I don’t agree with holding off phase 4 until a vaccine or highly successful treatment. It’s doubtful we will have an effective vaccine for years. Even then vaccines for this type of disease won’t last long as the viruses mutates. Covid-19 already has multiple strands circulating the world and we’ve only seen it for half a year. But I do think the mandatory mask while indoors restriction has made a lot of sense and is working. We might be doing the best in the country at getting our daily new cases down. The problem we will have is Massachusetts is a big tourist destination in the summer and other states coming here will infect those without herd immunity yet. I’m on Cape Cod now as I write this and I saw a lot of out of state plates everywhere from places like Florida while I was out today. No one is wearing masks anymore unless they have to. We will see a spike in the next few weeks, but I don’t think we’ll see anything like NY had or what FL,TX and CA are going through now.

  8. Charlene says:

    Vaccines? Does he seriously think people wiill line up for it? I think i will pass until i see what happens o those who chose to take it.. Sorry Not! I dont trust those with stock in this vaccine

  9. alan says:

    I have a question for anyone that knows. What phase are banks in? I don’t go to the bank very often because a lot of my revenue is direct deposited. But I still have to go once a week to deposit a few checks and some cash. The lobby of my bank has been locked since mid-March. I went to the bank last week. And it took 1 hour and 20 minutes for me to get to the drive-in window. Enough is enough. Open the damned lobbies. My bank claims to be America’s most convenient bank. Right now, they are America’s most pain in the ass bank.

    1. Jane says:

      alan–that must just be your particular bank. I was able to get a roll of quarters from the teller at one of those banks inside of the grocery store last week (and I don’t even bank with them), and my regular bank is open to enter the lobby, you just have to make an appt with the specific branch to let them know in advance that you are coming. Is phone deposit through their app a possibility for your checks? Just thinking of other options (obv doesn’t address the cash problem). Good Luck!

  10. 911WASanINSIDEjob420 says:

    the tree of liberty is mighty thirsty. RINOS are traitors

  11. Greg Hack says:

    So doing this right before Trump arrives this isn’t political at all…OMG people please wake up – government officials are lying to us about this everyday… Think about this – ” we are going to shut down for 2 weeks to stem the spread so the hospitals don’t get overwhelmed”…months later still imposing all these stupid rules which have NO science to back them up.

  12. geopatriarca says:

    Baker is violating the rights of MA citizens as a weapon against Trump. He will pay a massive price and I frankly can’t wait. BTW, Trump will win re election in a landslide and in time no one will remember Baker’s name.

  13. ChuckH says:

    There are no good approaches to handling the virus; only compromises. Gov. Baker is being a responsible leader acting in the best interests of the people of Massachusetts.No one likes the cure but please stop the whining. If your spouse, child, relative or friend died of COVID 19, you would have a different perspective.

    Not every news item is somehow related to the President. Take politics out of this, we are dealing with Mother Nature who just doesnt care what we think.

  14. James Monaghan says:

    How many COVID patients did your moronic gov send into assisted living facilities? How many deaths is he directly responsible for?

    1. Carol says:

      What great state are you living in?

  15. Carol says:

    WHY is having bars be open so important that people are willing to risk the health and lives of the people in their communities for it? I mean seriously. That’s bizarre. How about focusing on what is important – kids getting back to school for instance.

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