BOSTON (CBS) – Mayor Marty Walsh named Karilyn Crockett as the first head of Boston’s newly formed Equity and Inclusion Cabinet.

Walsh announced the formation of the cabinet last week as a number of steps aimed at addressing racial inequity in the city.

During a Monday press conference, Walsh named Crockett the city’s Chief of Equity.

“Karilyn is a brilliant innovator and change maker,” said Walsh. “She’s someone who lifts up community voices, and brings their power and perspective into the halls of government, business and academia.”

An Assistant Professor of Urban History, Public Policy & Planning at MIT, Crockett was previously the Director of Economic Policy and Research and Director of Small Business Development for the City of Boston.

“She understands the root of racial inequality, and the tools we need to break it down. She’s passionate about the strength that exists within our communities,” said Walsh, adding “Anytime that she has a question, or an obstacle, or a barrier that needs to be torn down, we will tear it down together.”

Crockett spoke at the Monday press conference, saying it is time for change in the city.

“For far too long, Boston City Hall has been an agent of racism, exclusion, and old crony gatekeeping of the city’s prosperity and power,” she said. “Not recognizing your abilities. Not recognizing your contributions. Not recognizing your skills. Not recognizing your leadership. Not recognizing your power, your voice, your rights.”

Crockett grew up in Dorchester and attended Boston Public Schools before going on to attend Yale.

“This city is my home. I am born and raised a daughter of the Dot. Dorchester is in my veins and in my heart,” she said.

Crockett said she is eager to work with Walsh, saying “Mr. Mayor, welcome to the conversation.”

“I need everyone standing here with me, and within the hearing of my voice, to be bold and move beyond what we may individually think is possible,” said Crockett. “The people of Boston are marching in the streets right now, and demanding more because they deserve more.”

Last week Walsh also announced the formation of the Boston Racial Equity Fund, with a short-term goal of $10 million in funds and a long-term goal of $50 million.