BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced a series of new initiatives aimed at addressing racial inequity in the city.

Among the moves announced on Thursday was the formation of an Equity and Inclusion Cabinet. The city also created the Boston Racial Equity Fund.

“As I’ve said, systemic change doesn’t come from one policy or budget investment,” said Walsh. “Our goals must be to build a process for change into the way government in our society works. Today I announced the next steps.”

Walsh said the goal for the Boston Racial Equity Fund is $10 million with a long-term goal of $50 million.

“This fund will invest in nonprofits and empower Black and Brown residents in economic development, public health, and youth employment, and education in the arts, and other areas,” said Walsh. “Its mission is to increase safety and wellbeing and equity, and the prosperity of the Black and Brown community.”

The mayor said he will also be filing a new zoning amendment aimed at ensuring access to fair housing in all city neighborhoods. Walsh said the amendment will require developers to do more to fight displacement and promote inclusion.

“We’re going to empower communities and individuals to define and lead systemic change themselves,” said Walsh. “This cannot be led by a mayor. This cannot be led by political leaders and city councilors. This needs to be led by the community.”

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  1. VincentVega says:

    Don’t get me wrong, racial bias, profiling and discrimination is and always has been wrong, very wrong, even evil, but if you have been in Boston City Hall, riden the T or interacted with “the Edison”, the police or the fire department, you may be scratching your head about this.

  2. The Mayor and this program. The Commissioner Mr Gross was surprised that his officers were interfered with while making an arrest or an armed person of color in Roxbury.. Mr Walsh truly thinks his program will appease the people of color. Our own esteemed Congresswoman from the 7th district,Ayanna Soyini Pressley. In a recent zoom conference with outher legisolators and Leaders of color was calling for reparations. For reparations for Jim Crow,The WWII GI bill..for everything that has happened since time began. So if our own congress woman wants MORE! There is nothing you can do except watch you implement all your programs and watch anarchy and more events like in West Yarmouth come to Boston.

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