By Beth Germano

FITCHBURG (CBS) – School is finally out for summer, and already there are concerns about preparation for the fall, as the state urges districts to return to in-classroom learning.

Fitchburg High School principal Jeremy Roche does the math saying, “It’s still kind of an 80 percent guideline.” He’s asking about transportation and getting students to and from school, will there be enough PPE, and can they accomplish the distancing needed in a school of 1300 students. “That’s very difficult to do in any building, but certainly in a school like ours,” said Roche.

Adam Cordio is a graphic arts teacher less comfortable with the state’s assessment that children are less likely than adults to be infected with covid-19, and hopes sanitizing guidelines are enough. “As long as people are diligent making sure surfaces are clean, hands are washed and masks are worn,” said Cordio.

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Even with a mask he’d rather be in the classroom than online, but wants more clarity about the type of teaching he should prepare for. “You’re having to prepare an “a” week or a “b” week, half the class is there “a” week and half “b” week, half remote learning. It’s a little difficult,” Cordio said.

Michele Houle, a Fitchburg High school guidance counselor, believes students have had too much isolation and need to return to school. As a parent of three children, she also hopes the sanitary guidelines are enough. “As long as the school and my children have the necessary resources, masks, distancing, not sure what that will look like,” said Houle.

There are enough questions still being asked to make it a long summer of learning the new normal.

Beth Germano


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