DUXBURY (CBS) –Warnings about jellyfish sightings continue to pop up along the Massachusetts coast. On Wednesday, Duxbury police issued a warning to beachgoers after seeing a “large amount” of jellfish.

“BE ADVISED: We are seeing a large amount of Lion’s Mane Jellyfish in the water, both ocean and bay and some are washing up,” police said. “DO NOT TOUCH THEM. If you happen to come in contact with one please alert a lifeguard or a Beach Ranger.”

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“They’re common in New England. What’s uncommon is the size,” said Chris Doller, from the New England Aquarium,” they’re getting really large.”

The Lion’s Mane can grow up to 8 inches in width, and it has hundreds of long tentacles that pack quite a punch, kind of like a bee sting.

“I have a hard time thinking it’s a threat to human health,” said Owen Nichols of the Center for Coastal Studies, “but it certainly is uncomfortable.”

There’s also a jellyfish warning in Hingham Harbor, where one resident has already been stung. Harbormaster Kenneth Corson is urging swimmers to use caution after numerous jellyfish were spotted in the harbor.

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They also appear to be lion’s mane jellyfish, which are the large, “dangerous” creatures the state warned about at Nahant Beach last week.

“The reported sightings in Hingham describe the jellyfish’s umbrella or body from eight (8) inches to two (2) feet in diameter with many long tentacles,” Corson said.

A jellyfish spotted near the Hingham Yacht Club (Photo from the Hingham Harbormaster)

A Hingham woman stung “experienced something similar to a brief electric shock followed by a stinging sensation.” She treated the sting with a jellyfish sting kit and vinegar and didn’t require further medical attention.

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Residents are asked to consider avoiding the water entirely during jellyfish season.