BOSTON (CBS) – The Berklee College of Music’s Public Safety Department took to Facebook to apologize for allowing Boston Police to use the restrooms at the Berklee Performance Center on Sunday night after peaceful protests at the State House.

“The decision to allow them into our facilities was ours. This was not a formal decision by the institution, but an informal one, made on the spot. Some have asked if the campus was used to house or stage activity of the Boston Police; it was not,” the Facebook post said.

After the protests, police were stationed at intersections across the city, including the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Boylston Street. It was officers stationed at that intersection that were allowed to use the performance center’s restroom.

The post said many people expressed “hurt and anger” that police were allowed to use the restrooms at the performance center, which is currently closed.

“Allowing police officers into the space was in no way meant to undermine Berklee’s support for Black Lives Matter,” the post said. “We understand that many members of our community feel betrayed. We are deeply sorry for the impact this had on our community and for perpetuating feelings of oppression, silencing, and marginalization.”

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The post, which was signed by Roger Brown, the college’s president; Mac Hisey, senior vice president for Administration and Finance; and David Ransom, senior director of Public Safety, said, “This should not have happened, and going forward, it will not happen again.”

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  1. Mary Tierney says:

    This apology is ridiculous! Maybe I’m missing something, but allowing a few police officers to utilize your facility to go to the bathroom was the decent thing to do.

  2. Hapax Legomenon says:

    Apologize for letting the police use the bathrooms? These are the people who risk their own lives to protect you, you idiots.

    The response of the college is disgusting. I hope the police refuse to come next time the college needs them.

    1. Jane says:

      I find this very upsetting. Most police officers are entitled to our respect and appreciation. They risk their lives to help protect the city. Apologizing for letting them use the bathroom, when they are helping to keep peaceful protests, peaceful is very disappointing. I think there is room for reform and improvement in police departments but I also think it is reprehensible to generalize every police officers as a racist and vilify the men and women who work to protect our citizens and our streets.

  3. Vincent Vega says:

    Another virtue signaling bunch of clueless dolts. When Berklee needs a police response I hope the police take their sweet time.

    1. MoeLarryAndJesus says:

      Then again, you’re a pig.

      1. Addley says:

        Were you born stupid or did you just work your way up to it?

  4. It feels to me as if there is very little balance anymore and that people are consumed by two dimensional thinking: us vs them; one side or the other.

    And it feels as if too many of our politicians, especially those with the most power and influence, are playing to the crowds they think they can leverage the most for their own gain.

    The idea that there cannot be a “good” police officer, or a good image of a police officer, or even just goodness to and from opposing sides leads to an apology like this. It makes me wonder how a school, whose mission is teaching the limitlessness of art and music, can think in such a narrow-minded and absolutist way…

    It feels like we used to be more reasonable as a society, as a people, and recognize different points of view – and that we used to accept there was some context. Have we truly lost that? Or are we just being persuaded times have changed by a vocal minority of the people whose voices are amplified by social media and mass media?

    1. MoeLarryAndJesus says:

      When exactly were we “more reasonable as a society”?

  5. JamesLoring says:

    How about the simple human dignity of allowing someone to use the bathroom, if those “protesters” had destroyed or damaged some of berklee property they would be loud in their complaint of lack of police protection

  6. leslie says:

    Hurt and anger for letting someone use a bathroom? What right does BLM have to be hurt and angry when a human being needs a bathroom? The protest was peaceful as you stated so that means the police were peaceful and there is no reason to be bias against them. This kind of cancel culture, attacking individuals who do not support ur political views is trashing the BLM movement.

  7. Tong says:

    It’s so sad to see this, not about this college’s behavior, but about which side people have to choose. Like an old Chinese saying “If you have to offend someone, offend the decent one”. There are so many people choose to be against police officers, not because the police officers did anything wrong, but just because the consequence is not as bad as choosing the other way.

    1. Jing says:

      So true, police officers are being bullied because these cowards know the police are too decent to walk away from their duty to protect and serve. Berklee is despicable.

  8. Yang says:

    I am so sick of all these nonsense flying around left-leaning schools. A school has to apologize for letting police officers using their bathrooms?? Aren’t officers human beings? Aren’t officers the only ones that can protect law-abiding citizens from criminals? And to vilifying them and treat them with such hatred is horrifying.

  9. Laura Zhang says:

    The Berklee College of Music is out of mind, period.

  10. Beth says:

    This article was poorly written. It left out some pretty crucial details, namely that the bathrooms (and all Berklee buildings) were closed because of the coronavirus, and protesters were not allowed to use the facilities.

    So Berklee closed the bathrooms to the public, but made exceptions for the police, but not the protesters. That’s why it looks like they took sides, and that’s why people are angry.

    1. Tong says:

      One major difference between police officers and protesters is that, protesters are free to leave the scene and go to bathrooms at anytime, but the police officers have to remain there until the protest ends. Police officers do not have the luxury of leaving their duty and searching for a bathroom for too long time. It is completely reasonable to offer them a close-by facility. I cannot see the point of being angry about that.

  11. Hank Wershaw says:

    911 call from Berklee?? Tell them we will be there after we take a much needed tinkle..

  12. Joe Woods says:

    Shame on Berklee administrators for this public apology of allowing our police officers to use the bathrooms. It was the decent thing to do.When did going the bathroom become a political issue.

  13. abfnt1 says:

    This is creating the same divisiveness. BLM is important. Alienating another group Policemen/women is just as bad. There are bad apples among all of us, it doesn’t make it right to restrict anyone from a bathroom. Black,White,Police,Military, we are all Human

  14. Tramint says:

    The next time a school or business actually follows through on this, to show that they are not “with” the police, expect the police to simply relieve themselves on the floor. Who’s going to arrest them? The police? Who’s going to discipline the officers? The police chief?

  15. Becky Witters says:

    Berkeley College of Music.
    Hard to believe an institution of higher learning is so misguided. A sad day for the human race of any color, occupation, religion or philosophy. To promote this decisiveness at a college of so called higher learning. I wonder if your students or administrators will ever need help from any officer in the future for; rape, property damage, auto accident, Burglary, etc,. They would be the first to put their life on the line to come & help you. Police being paid far less than such intelligent academic administrators. You won’t let them use the bathroom. SHAME IN YOU.

  16. Michael says:

    Well, I suppose they could’ve used the streets and bushes like many of the protesters did? That make anyone feel better? This pathetic pandering is getting old and everyone sees right through it. Can we all just stop?

  17. Dave Day says:

    A. Embarrassing, B. Pitiful, C. Incredulous, D. Shameful, E. Cruel, F. All of the above!

  18. Jan Joens says:

    What about basic human decency? All people need to use facilities. The officers are stuck in place for many hours on end and can’t leave. Why would anyone resent letting them go to the bathroom? I am so sad for humanity.

  19. Concerned Citizen says:

    So the Black Lives Matter activists think cops are so contemptible they should not be allowed to use the bathrooms others use. What about water fountains? Should cops have to sit at the back of the bus too?

    BLM is revealing itself to be the kind of thing it claims to hate.

    The BLM agenda is about power, not justice, and certainly not love.

    1. Concerned Citizen says:

      I see one commenter above says the buildings were closed at the time so it was a special accommodation for the police, while protesters couldn’t use them (a point I did not see in the story). The police were of course on duty and obliged to stay close by, while the protesters were free to come and go as they needed.

      But the fundamental point still remains. If the BLM agenda were about justice, they would focus on getting rid of the bad cops and preventing abuses. Please ask yourself why they are so fiercely demonizing ALL cops?

      Those who lust after power ALWAYS pick a group to demonize in order to galvanize passionate support for their cause.

      A movement driven by this sort of indiscriminate hatred for an entire class of people will never lead to justice.

      A woman just lost a job offer for having the nerve to say that “some police are good.”

      There are many good people among the protesters who sincerely just want to see greater racial justice. They need to be discerning and refuse to go along with the rhetoric that demonizes the police as a whole. Refuse to repeat those chants and carry those particular signs. Otherwise, you are serving an agenda that is not what you think it is.

  20. Steven says:

    I believe that many of us may be missing the point. These so called “apologies” were probably issued because people were threatened and forced to issue the apologies. This makes by far the most sense. Similar apologies, equally cruel, are being issued all over the country. People are losing their jobs and being denounced, even after they apologize.

  21. Karissa Bernardo Campbell says:

    This is disgusting and disgraceful.

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