BOSTON (CBS) – Businesses on Newbury Street are picking up shattered glass and assessing the damage after looters caused significant damage to shops in Boston Sunday night into the overnight hours.

Photos: Boston Protests Turn Into Riots

What began as peaceful protests following the death of George Floyd spiraled into destruction in Boston as crowds dispersed.

“It’s a war zone all the way from the park to here on Newbury Street,” said Jean-Mare Biebuyck, who lives in the Back Bay.

Damage left behind by looting on Newbury Street. (WBZ-TV)

On Newbury Street, people smashed windows and took merchandise from stores.

Inge Rocker lives in the area, and told WBZ-TV she is “shaken” by the violence.

“It’s our dear home. I have never been as irritated I have to say,” said Rocker. “I come from Germany. It destroys so much what we believe about this country. I understand the protesters, I’m all for them. What this is is unacceptable. This has to be called to order. This country has to get back to where we loved it.”

The Zara store on Newbury Street the day after the riots. (WBZ-TV)

Rocker said many of her favorite shops have been destroyed.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. This is like a civil war or something,” said Rocker.

“This is crazy. This is out of control. Has nothing to do with democracy anymore. I’m shaken. It’s my neighborhood.”

Boston Police said as of 3 a.m. that 40 people were arrested, 21 police cruisers were damaged, and seven officers were injured in the city.

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  1. Vincent Vega says:

    Violence and looting render the protests meaningless. The peaceful protesters should have stopped the violent people, they are complicit.

  2. Lyn Chaves says:

    No slaps on the wrist for those arrested. If you are violent and cause damage–no bail and significant jail time

  3. Mike Rotch says:

    Violence is the answer.

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