MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) — A father and son were arrested by police in Manchester, New Hampshire, Saturday afternoon after one of them took out a gun during a conflict with Black Lives Matter protesters. Manchester police said the confrontation happened when a group of people stayed behind to protest at a police station after a peaceful protest earlier on.

Manchester police have taken 43-year-old Scott Kimball and 19-year-old Mark Kimball into custody. The men have been charged with felony criminal threatening and riot.

Manchester police said that a Black Lives Matter protest drew about 800 people to downtown Manchester at around 10 a.m. Saturday morning. The group gathered at Veterans Park before marching through the city and then returning to the park. Police said no arrests were made.

“The demonstration was peaceful and those in attendance were very respectful of others, as well as police,” Manchester police said in a news release.

Scott and Mark Kimball. (Photo Courtesy: Manchester Police Department)

After the protest, police said, about 100 people marched to the Manchester Police Department. Around 1:30 p.m., a truck drove up and the people in the truck got into an argument with the protesters.

In a nearby parking lot, one of the men in the truck, who was later identified as one of the Kimballs, got out and displayed a gun. Police then stepped in and arrested the Kimballs. It is unclear which man displayed the gun.

As of 5 p.m., there is still activity around the police station, and although the station is still working, it is closed to the public for safety reasons.

The protest comes in the wake of the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd, who was unarmed when a police officer knelt on his neck while trying to arrest him after telling the officer he could breathe. That officer has since been charged with murder, but protests are still happening around the country, including in Boston.


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  1. John Dawkins says:

    cant charge any of the apes burning down cities but you can charge people flashing a gun at rioters to get them to back off and stop violence before it starts.

    at this point just let them burn down the cop centers, they deserve it.

    1. Vigil Ant says:

      EFF U

    2. Donald Jones says:

      John, remember The Boston Tea Party and what the final outcome was there? How would you label the participants in that riot?

    3. Scott says:

      Did you even bother to read the report? Particularly the part about the protest being peaceful. Peaceful enough that the cops could move through the protesters to arrest the thugs “flashing a gun” at protestors.

    4. Roger says:

      Right and we’re talking about the same losers threatening a peaceful protest with a deadly weapon while trying to act right?
      Get out of your basement and see the real world will you.

  2. A concerned reader says:


    “a police officer knelt on his neck while trying to arrest him after telling the officer he could breathe. ”

    You mean to write:

    “a police officer knelt on his neck while trying to arrest him after telling the officer he could not breathe. “

  3. fc says:

    ofcourse these protesters are labeled as ” peaceful protesters” burning the flag, burning stores, risking the lifes of others , throwing fireworks to homeless people . all of you who agree with what these ” peaceful protester” do are CORRUPT. you should Repent of your SINS and accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. we all gonna stand in front of GOD and you will be judge by a holly GOD who hastes SIN. if you dont repent of your sins and accept Jesus as Lord. YOU WILL GO TO HELL. Amen

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