By Dr. Mallika Marshall

BOSTON (CBS) — WBZ-TV health reporter Dr. Mallika Marshall has been answering all of our questions about the coronavirus, and she’s also a practicing physician on the front lines at MGH Chelsea’s urgent care clinic. We wanted to ask her what she’s seeing and her outlook for the weeks ahead.

“Chelsea is one of the hotspots in Massachusetts, if not the number one hotspot,” Dr. Marshall said. “For those first few weeks during the pandemic we didn’t see a lot of activity, but I would say over the past three weeks things have heated up pretty quickly.”

Dr. Marshall says she can’t stop thinking about her patients with COVID-19 who are afraid to go home because they don’t want to infect family members with underlying health conditions.

“I have a hard time forgetting the people who are living in their cars to try to isolate themselves from their families because they have six other family members living in a studio apartment,” she said. “These are the stories that keep me up at night.”

Hear more from Dr. Marshall in the video above.

Dr. Mallika Marshall