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Mallika Marshall, MD, is an Emmy-award winning journalist and physician who serves as the regular Health Reporter at WBZ-TV in Boston. A practicing physician who is Board Certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics, Marshall serves on staff at Harvard Medical School and practices at the Massachusetts General Hospital’s (MGH) Chelsea Urgent Care Clinic and MGH Revere Health Center.

Marshall is currently a Contributing Editor for Harvard Health Publications (HHP), the publishing division of Harvard Medical School. She has nearly 15 years of media experience, including serving as “HealthWatch” Anchor at WBZ-TV News for 10 years beginning in 2000. Since working at WBZ-TV, Marshall was the Medical Contributor on Katie Couric’s daytime talk show “Katie.” She served as the medical contributor for New England Cable News (NECN) and as the Medical Director for Everyday Health, digital media’s popular source of medical news. Marshall also has served as the host of “Dr. Mallika Marshall,” a series of health news reports that was nationally syndicated and aired in more than 70 markets, including major cities such as San Francisco, Atlanta, St. Louis, Cleveland, and Houston.

A cum laude graduate of Harvard College, Marshall received her medical degree with honors at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine. She completed her medical residency at Harvard in internal medicine and pediatrics. She is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Society, the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Association of Black Journalists. She also has served on the Board of Trustees for the Urgent Care Foundation and the Board of Directors for Dress for Success Boston.

In addition to numerous medical awards, she was an Associate Editor of the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide and a Contributing Editor for the Harvard Medical School affiliated website, InteliHealth.

Marshall is writing a series of children’s books that will deliver healthy messages in entertaining stories for school-age children.

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Lyme Disease Vaccine Being Developed

There is a new vaccine for humans in the pipeline developed by a French company, which says it has received fast-track status from the FDA.

10 hours ago

Vaccine Being Tested To Prevent Dementia In People With Down Syndrome

Boston researchers are testing an experimental vaccine that may prevent Alzheimer’s disease in people with Down syndrome.


Some Physicians Perform C-Sections Over Fear of Lawsuit

More women worldwide are delivering babies by Cesarean section and a new review finds physicians’ fear of being sued may be a big driver.


No Alcohol Use And Heavy Alcohol Use Linked To Dementia

Researchers in Europe find that both teetotalers and heavy drinkers during middle age are at higher risk of dementia as they get older.


Doctors Provide Free Skin Cancer Screenings For Beachgoers

A special van from the Dana Farber Cancer Center and Brigham and Women’s Hospital set up shop at Carson Beach.


Brain Training Apps May Not Boost Your Overall Brain Power

Even if you get good at one mental task, it’s unlikely to boost your brain power in other areas.


Researchers Find Eye Movements Can Reveal Personality

Researchers found that your eye movements can provide valuable information about your personality. 


Scientists Hope ‘Sniff Tests’ May Identify Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s

Scientists now have a better understanding of why smells bring back vivid memories, and that has implications for Alzheimer’s disease.


Fitness Trackers Can Help Monitor Cancer Patients

A new study finds that fitness trackers could provide also vital information about patients undergoing cancer treatments.


Chances Are You’re Not Applying Enough Sunscreen

Researchers say sunscreen users are getting less than half the sun protection they need because they’re not using enough of it.


Study: Doctors Interrupt Patients In The First 11 Seconds

If you feel like your doctor doesn’t really listen to you, you may be right.


ADHD Medications Unlikely To Improve School Performance In Kids Without ADHD

Many college students who don’t have ADHD illegally use ADHD medications, like Adderall and Ritalin, to try to boost their performance in school.


Health Of Mom’s Gut May Affect Child’s Risk Of Autism, Study Suggests

The health of a mother’s gut may affect her child’s risk of developing autism, according to a new study from the UVA School of Medicine.


Study: Adult Children Of Working Moms As Happy As Kids Of Stay-At-Home Moms

Researchers at Harvard Business School found that adult children of working moms are just as happy as those of stay-at-home moms.


More Pregnant Women Are Suffering From Heart Attacks

The number of women who suffer from a heart attack while pregnant or soon after giving birth is on the rise.


Study: Women At Higher Risk of Dying From Heart Failure Than Men

A new study out of the University of Ottawa finds women are at greater risk of dying from heart failure than men.


Pregnant Women More Prone To Depression Today Than Years Ago

According to a new study in “JAMA Network Open”, expectant moms today are more likely to be depressed than their mothers were 25 years ago.


Fortnite Season 5 Is Here – What Can Parents Do?

While there are some potential downsides to children playing Fortnite, there may be some potential benefits as well.


Most African-Americans Develop High Blood Pressure By Age 55, Study Shows

According to a new study, most African-Americans develop high blood pressure by age 55.


Like Fingerprints, No Two Brains Are The Same

They say no two fingerprints are alike, well, the same can be said for brains.


Women Who Work Long Hours Are More Likely To Develop Diabetes

A new study finds that women who work long hours are more likely to develop diabetes.


Common Medications Can Cause Drug-Induced Lupus

About ten percent of all cases of Lupus are caused by medications.


New Treatment Can Reverse Effects Of Vitiligo

Patients are often told there are no effective treatments but a local doctor and one of the world’s leading experts on vitiligo says that’s just not true.


Artificial Intelligence, ‘Virtual Biopsies’ May Be The Future Of Understanding Brain Tumors

Local doctors hope to be able to use artificial intelligence to help patients like Steven Hibbert better understand their brain tumors within the next year.


Narcissistic Teens Maybe Perform Better In School, Researchers Find

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast found that narcissistic adolescents tended to perform better in school than their peers.


Paternal Smoking Associated With Higher Miscarriage Risk, Study Shows

A new study finds that paternal smoking during pregnancy poses a risk of miscarriage as well.


Today’s Kids More Patient Than Fifty Years Ago, New Study Finds

If you think today’s kids are less patient than years past, you may be wrong.


Researchers Reverse Autism In Mice With Specific Genetic Defect

Researchers found that certain drugs designed to fight cancer were able to reverse the autism symptoms in the affected mice.


A Visit To The Pediatrician Before Birth Can Give Your Baby A Health Boost

A new report says visiting a pediatrician before giving birth could give your unborn baby a leg up when it comes to good health.


Study: 25 Kids Treated For Bike Injuries Every Hour

A new study shows that every hour, 25 kids are treated in emergency rooms for bike-related injuries.


Chemical Found In Toothpaste May Help Fuel Antibiotic Resistance

A chemical called triclosan, which is often used in toothpaste, could be contributing to antibiotic resistance.


Taking NSAIDs Around Conception May Increase Risk Of Early Miscarriage

A popular group of over-the-counter pain relievers could increase your risk of miscarriage even before you get pregnant.


Light Drinking May Prolong Your Life

Enjoying a cocktail from time to time may be good for your health.


Not All Screen Time Bad Is For Kids?

Researchers found that some types of screen time are associated with positive effects.


Weight Loss Improves Knee Arthritis Symptoms, Study Says

Doctors often recommend that overweight patients with arthritis of the knee lose weight to improve their pain and function, but how much weight loss makes a difference?


Flavored E-Cigarettes Can Damage Blood Vessels, BU Report Says

Researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine say e-cigarettes may pose significant health risks.


Do Religious People Live Longer? New Study Says Yes

Researchers found that people with a religious affiliation lived almost four years longer than those without.


Frozen Orange Juice May Be Healthier Than Fresh Squeezed

Researchers in Spain say frozen orange juice is healthier for you than squeezed.


Elevated Blood Pressure Could Increase Your Risk Of Dementia

Even if your blood pressure is just a little bit elevated, you may be at higher risk of dementia later in life.


CDC: Toddlers In US Eating Too Much Sugar

Toddlers in the United States are eating too much sugar according to a new study conducted by the Center for Disease Control.


Brigham & Women’s Researchers Develop Non-Invasive Treatment For Diabetes

Many patients turn to weight loss surgery to help reverse obesity and type 2 diabetes, but surgery is invasive and can cause side effects.


Kids Can Be Taught A Healthier Approach To Salt

A new study finds that online education can help kids make healthier choices when it comes to salt with their food.