LACONIA, N.H. (CBS) — The annual Laconia Motorcycle Week is being pushed back. Coronavirus concerns led the city council on Monday night to postpone the event to August.

Bike Week is a huge tourism draw for New Hampshire, bringing thousands of bikers to the state year after year. But Gov. Chris Sununu said last week that he couldn’t see the June 13 happening unless it was safe.

“If you’ve been to Bike Week — there’s a lot of events where people are in close proximity, there’s a lot of folks from out of state – those are very dangerous pieces of the COVID recipe right now,” Sununu said.

The city council heard from local business owners and decided to make August 22 the new start date. It will also consider September dates if the event needs to be postponed further.

Laconia Motorcycle Week Association Executive Director Charlie St. Clair told CBSN Boston that hotels and attendees will be scrambling to change their reservations.

“It’s a big deal for sure,” he said. “Economically, it’s a huge deal for the state.”


  1. Vincent Vega says:

    I am sure anyone who lives in the area that doesn’t own or work in a bar or restaurant wish they would just cancel this mess once and for all. I lived there for a bit and sure there are some nice people who attend but there are more than enough losers to make it terrible.

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