By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Sports fans rejoiced on Thursday night as live sports returned in the only way possible at this current point in history. Though the NFL Draft may not qualify as actual sports, the event was nevertheless something to be enjoyed around the country.

Part of the unique aspect of this year’s draft was the ability for fans to see into the homes of coaches and GMs around the league, as all personnel worked from their homes instead of their facilities in order to obey social distancing guidelines.

For fans, that meant getting a peek inside Bill Belichick’s Nantucket home, or seeing Kliff Kingsbury’s straight-out-of-Hollywood palace, or seeing Zac Taylor in the most boring room of all time.

And it also meant seeing the weirdest scene imaginable in the home of Titans head coach Mike Vrabel.

While many coaches and executives opted to hang out with their cute little kids, Vrabel appeared to instead have his large adult sons posing behind him. It was … unique.

Despite the strange scene, Vrabel kept a steely focus throughout, which only added to viewers’ befuddlement.

While the superhero costume and the mullet and the old Pro Bowl jersey and the Big Buck Hunter machine were eye-catching in their own right, it didn’t take long before the internet focused in on the reflection in the window. That reflection showed another young man sitting … and for whatever reason, the entire internet collectively decided that this young man was using the restroom.

Do you people believe that the Vrabels have an open-door policy for their bathroom that sits right off the kitchen?

Are you people nuts?

Apparently, yes, because Vrabel took the time to clarify that only one of the young men behind him was his son. The other was a friend. Vrabel’s other son — Tyler, a Boston College offensive lineman — was merely sitting on a bar stool. He was not sitting on the commode.

“Tyler was sitting on a bar stool next to his mom, and as fate would have it, it came across as probably something other than that,” Vrabel said, per the Associated Press. “Carter and Jackson wanted to be a part of it and stand behind me. Tyler wanted nothing to do with it.”

That certainly doesn’t explain everything going on inside Vrabel’s house. But it does explain the most important thing.

The nation can now wait with excitement to see what the Vrabel household has in store for day two and day three of the draft. Some jokes based on the internet excitement may be in order.


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