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Tom Brady Takes Us Inside His Argument With Referee During Patriots' Loss To RavensOn Monday morning, Tom Brady was asked what exactly he was saying during his ... animated exchange with the officiating crew.
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Hurley's Picks: Tom Brady's Decline Is FantasticYes, of course Tom Brady is in the midst of his decline. And that decline absolutely kicks ass. It slays. It is the most badass decline in the history of declines.
Ravens' Nick Boyle Not Overly Impressed With Patriots' Defense: 'We'll See How Good They Are Once We Play Them'Apparently, Ravens tight end Nick Boyle has not gotten the memo about the way the Patriots have been able to find motivation from even the most innocuous of comments from opponents.
Joe Torre, MLB Managed To Make Bad Situation Even Worse After Nationals-Astros World Series Game 6As the baseball world argued about the enforcement of one rule, Joe Torre explained that it was a different rule that led to controversy in Game 6 of the World Series. This ... is a problem.