Does Tom Brady Actually Get More Roughing The Passer Penalties Than Other QBs? The Data Says NoTom Brady thinks he does not receive favorable treatment from referees. The data backs him up.
Walt Anderson And The NFL Cooked Up A Whopper Of A Lie For Football Fans On Wild Card WeekendIt shouldn't get lost in the chaos of playoff football that the NFL made a mistake and then made it worse by trying to lie about it.
Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski Add To Historic Total With Another Playoff Touchdown ConnectionOne of the greatest duos in NFL history added to their catalog of accomplishments on Sunday afternoon.
Taking Off The Kid Gloves For Mac Jones And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsThe one resounding message left after the 47-17 drubbing is simple: The Patriots are not in the upper class of the AFC. In fact, they're not particularly close.
Hurley: For The Patriots ... That Was EmbarrassingAfter their 47-17 loss to the Bills, the Patriots didn't face any questions about being embarrassed. Because it didn't need to be asked.
Tickets For Bills-Patriots Playoff Game Are Insanely CheapIs the frigid forecast scaring away the hearty souls of Western New York from attending Saturday night's Patriots-Bills playoff game in Orchard Park?
Tom Brady Is Doing Something That He Never Would've Done With The PatriotsThe Eagles do have something that possibly no playoff team has ever had before: A distracted Tom Brady.
Hurley's Picks: Upsets Should Be Hard To Find In 'Super' Wild Card WeekendThe name "Super Wild Card Weekend" is just so bad. But the weekend itself? Oh, brother. It's a good one.
Josh Allen Has A Very Real Concern About The Frigid Temperatures Expected For Patriots-Bills Playoff Game"I think the most important thing for me is, I don't know why, I got bad circulation in my feet. My toes get really cold and they go numb a little bit."
Tom Brady Sends Total Love Letter To Patriots, Belichick And Kraft In What Was Meant To Be Final Documentary EpisodeAny Patriots fans who have had a hard time adjusting to the new normal will certainly want to catch the final few minutes of this one.
Dan Shaughnessy Doesn't Vote For David Ortiz For Hall Of Fame, But Does Vote For Jeff KentDan Shaughnessy only used one of his 10 available votes. He didn't use it on David Ortiz, who's in his first year of eligibility. He didn't use it on Roger Clemens of Barry Bonds, who are in their final year of eligibility.