Everyone's A Loser In MLB After Players Reject Owners' OfferWelcome to the "bad guy" club, baseball players. You're now as bad as anyone.
With Coronavirus Cases And Questions Increasing, Can Sports Really Return In 2020?Does it look like sports leagues have a workable set of protocols in place to ensure that games can actually be played safely? After the developments from recent weeks -- and particularly last Friday -- it's awfully difficult to have any level of confidence.
Brooks Koepka Provides Latest Reminder That Pro Golfers Aren't HumanOn Sunday, Brooks Koepka provided the latest reminder that he and the rest of his PGA brethren are nothing like we mere mortals who pay $100 every weekend for the distinct honor of hacking up a nice course and ruining an otherwise delightful Saturday.
Tom Brady Is Still Clearly Motivated By Talk Of 'The Cliff'Tom Brady is not most people. And he showed in a recent Instagram post that he's still using talk of "the cliff" as motivation.
Why Are Our Sports Commissioners So Bad?Is being largely terrible, mostly uncreative, incredibly stiff and painfully tone-deaf a prerequisite for the job? Or is it a symptom? It's getting hard to tell.
Rob Manfred Not Confident Baseball Will Be Played In 2020, Less Than A Week After Having 100 Percent CertaintyJust five days after being 100 percent confident that baseball will be played in 2020, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred now has some doubts.
Xander Schauffele's Impossible Miss Provides Reminder Of Why We Love Watching SportsSports fans have been starved for live action for quite some time. Sunday's final round in Texas -- and Xander Schauffele's unbelievable missed putt -- provided a much-needed dose.
Hurley: Everyone In Baseball Needs To Shut UpWith each statement they make, MLB owners and players are hurting the sport of baseball. It's time to shut up.
Video Of Patrice Bergeron And Brad Marchand Skating Is What Every Sports Fan Needs Right NowIt's the subtle sounds of the skates carving into the ice, it's the imagery of the ice shavings flying into the air, and it's the sight of the light reflecting off the spoked B at center ice that makes you realize that yes, hockey is really going to try to come back.
Teammate Gives Colorful Description To Describe Julian Edelman's Mindset For 2020 PatriotsJulian Edelman is fired up for the 2020 football season, the first Tom Brady-less season in New England since 1999. So much so, in fact, that the fire is apparently starting to show in one area of Edelman's body.
A Donald Trump-Roger Goodell Fight Over NFL National Anthem Protests Appears To Be BrewingA few minutes shy of midnight on Sunday evening, Trump sent out a tweet reinforcing his message that players kneeling during the anthem are disrespecting the American flag.