BOSTON (CBS) — Singer-songwriter James Taylor is putting his upcoming U.S. tour on hold, and that includes his June 21 show at Fenway Park with Brandi Carlile and Shawn Colvin. Taylor said the coronavirus pandemic has made it impossible to move forward with the concerts as planned.

“As we all now realize, COVID-19 is a serious, real and present danger,” Taylor said in a statement. “So let us listen to and follow the directions of our public healthcare people and support their efforts in this unprecedented time of global pandemic.”

Taylor is hoping to reschedule the shows for as soon as late summer “pending the advice of health officials.” There’s no word yet on whether Taylor’s concert at Tanglewood on the Fourth of July will have to be postponed.

Last month Taylor and his wife Kim donated $1 million to Massachusetts General Hospital, where Taylor was born, to support the fight against coronavirus.

  1. K. Kulakowski says:

    Stubhub refuses to provide a refund for the tickets purchased due to the specific event (James Taylor concert at Fenway Park June 21) not being cancelled but rather postponed. As it is not showing Cancelled this means we (the buyers) cannot get the money back unless the event is actually cancelled. In this trying time many of us can really use the money right now. Waiting to learn what potential date/time is chosen for the replacement concert is extremely unhelpful in this pandemic situation. Also, people’s outlook of the world has changed due to this pandemic and some will not want to jam into a venue with hundreds or thousands of others in the near to moderate future. If the concert is not being held at the date/time and place originally advertised then please show it as cancelled so people that want to can push for a very needed refund instead of waiting for some future unknown (and very possibly unacceptable) date.

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