BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Rep. Stephen Lynch said the top concern during the coronavirus pandemic remains the need for personal protective equipment (PPEs).

Lynch joined WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller. The congressman said the state put in a request for 750,000 sets of PPEs, and received about 10 percent.

“We have to protect our first responders and healthcare workers in order to do the tests,” said Lynch, who said he’s also concerned with the number of hospital beds that will be available for coronavirus patients.

Coronavirus In Massachusetts: Latest Developments

On a federal level, Lynch said he believes more could have been done to be prepared for the pandemic.

“We took our eye off the ball,” said Lynch.

Keller @ Large: Rep. Stephen Lynch


Lynch said he supports plans to give Americans payments to help stimulate the economy, though he added that he is not confident how much impact it will have because people who receive money will still be remaining at home and not going out to shop.

“We don’t have a lot of good choices. Giving cash disbursements, I guess is one way to do it,” said Lynch. “I don’t know how long we can do that, and I don’t know how much impact it’s going to have on our general society.”

Despite the troubling economic times, Lynch is confident that “When we get straightened out, the markets will come back.”

Lynch urged residents to remain diligent and stay home to prevent spreading coronavirus.

“Keep the faith. Have confidence,” Lynch said. “Our nation has gone through some real challenges. Asking people to go to war is one thing. Asking people to stay on the couch, stay home, don’t harm each other, is something I think we should be able to handle.”

Jon Keller

  1. Fran Clairmont says:

    I just heard Mr. Keller interview ( 5 pm CBS News) the head of the MA Democratic Party where she initiates the interview by attacking President Trump personally and then doesn’t substantiate her position and immediately goes on to discuss the problem of crooks and schemers. Ironically she ends the interview by stating that the Federal government has to stop being partisan. Unbelievable! The hypocrisy of that deplorable interview is not only blatantly evident and disgusting, but extremely counterproductive and inflammatory. We have to work together as a nation and CBS/WBZ needs to report the news in a responsible unbiased manner. The irresponsible and blatantly biased reporting, like Mr. Keller did today and has done in the past, should be prohibited, especially in this time of crises.

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