BOSTON (CBS) — Restaurants in Massachusetts are bracing for the financial impact of Gov. Charlie Baker’s latest coronavirus precautions: they must operate on a take-out/delivery basis only.

Franco Graceffa, owner of Dolce Vita in the North End knows the coming weeks will be hard.

“The people that work in the kitchen, they live day by day. The people that work as the wait staff [are] going to suffer. They have kids. They have a family,” Graceffa said.

People eating there on Sunday seemed to savor one last meal out before Tuesday when the restriction begins, but they understand why the changes are coming.

“Absolutely. We see what’s gone on in Italy and it makes sense. Precautions: we need to take them,” Kristin Marshall said.

Doug Marshall added, “I think it’ smart. It’s necessary. It’s all about public safety. It’s sad on one side, the restaurant workers and hotel workers are losing money, but it has to be done.”

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Restrictions on restaurants and crowds are certain to have a big impact in places like the North End that attract locals and tourists alike.

“We don’t understand the limit to where it’s extended. We don’t know enough to make a real prediction [about coronavirus],” said Ali Bogdan.

In the end, Graceffa said he also understands why this action has been taken and he hopes for the best. “We need to hang in there. Be supportive of everybody, help everybody. We need to be strong with each other,” he said.

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  1. Remember when says:

    How about weddings? Try to reschedule that!

  2. sm says:

    pretty selfish response. we are talking about peoples lives

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