BOSTON (CBS) — We’ve reached the Zapruder point of The Tom Brady Offseason Of 2020. That’s how deep we’ve all gotten.

And in this instance, the “enhanced audio” of Brady’s message from the Carrier Dome on Saturday afternoon is sure to quell some panic that may have ensued in New England on Saturday afternoon and evening.

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For background, Brady was in attendance as Syracuse took on UNC, alongside old pal Julian Edelman. At one point, a camera focused on the two Patriots stars (and Jimmy Fallon, randomly), at which Edelman declared, “He’s coming back. He’s coming back.”

From there, Brady looked quite uncomfortable, and after a few seconds, he said something very quickly. The millions of expert lip readers on Twitter immediately deciphered Brady as saying either “he’s not” or “this guy.”

Now we know the answer. And everybody was wrong.

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NFL Network on Monday shared some “enhanced audio” from the moment. In that footage, you can hear that somebody asked Brady what he said to Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim.

Brady shook his head and just said, “He’s got it.”

In other words, Brady’s famed lip-reading moment wasn’t at all about Edelman’s bold proclamation.

Soon enough, some body language experts will be weighing in on what we can glean from Brady’s posture during that moment. But for now, it appears as though anyone who saw Saturday’s clip and believed it to mean that Brady was officially a goner can now breathe a little bit easier.

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Now we just need some “enhanced audio” of that FaceTime call with Mike Vrabel.