BOSTON (CBS) – Tom Brady watch has captivated the football world this offseason. The latest twist took place in upstate New York on Saturday.

Brady made an appearance courtside at the Syracuse men’s basketball game. The quarterback was seated with wide receiver Julian Edelman and late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon.

Social media was abuzz after the ESPN camera showed the group, and Edelman could be heard saying “He’s coming back, he’s coming back.”

It isn’t totally clear what Brady said next after shaking his head and smirking, but he didn’t appear thrilled with Edelman’s remarks.

Many fans speculated that Brady said “he’s not.” Other lip readers offered guesses such as “this guy.”

Edelman then took the viral moment as a chance to sell some shirts, tweeting out a link to buy “Stay! Tom 2020” gear and adding “New England is a Tomocracy.”

As far as Brady free agency news, it’s been quiet since a roller coaster Thursday of reports. The quarterback hits the open market if he doesn’t reach an agreement on a new contract with the Patriots by March 18.


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