BOSTON (CBS) – A fifth person has died from a vaping-related lung injury in Massachusetts, the Department of Public Health announced Wednesday. The man in his 40s from Suffolk County had vaped THC, an ingredient found in marijuana.

So far, the state has reported 46 confirmed and 81 probable cases of e-cigarette or vaping-associated lung injury to the Centers for Disease Control.

“My condolences go out to the family of this patient who has died from a vaping-associated lung injury,’’ said Public Health Commissioner Monica Bharel in a statement. “This tragedy reminds us of the dangers of vaping and the reasons we strengthened our laws regarding vaping products.”

Massachusetts banned the sale of vaping products for three months at the end of 2019. The Public Health Council lifted the ban in December but continues to prohibit the sale of flavored vaping and tobacco products.

A majority of vaping-related lung injury cases are happening in people under 30 years. Forty-four percent vaped only nicotine, 43% vaped only THC and 31% reported vaping both, according to the department.

  1. gregbeau says:

    Deceptive statements by Public Health combined with poor reporting. The only injuries and deaths were related to vaping of illegal black market THC liquids that contained Vitamin E acetate. This is widely agreed now. Monica Bharel is knowingly misleading people when stating falsehoods about the so-called dangers of vaping being the reason they imposed laws on nicotine vaping products. Absolutely shameful of her to lump the two very different things together.

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