BOSTON (CBS) – A witness described a chaotic scene outside Brigham & Women’s Hospital after gunshots sent patients and staff running just after 9 a.m. Friday. A hospital valet was seriously injured in the shooting. Police pursued a suspect from that scene, and shot and killed him after he crashed in Chestnut Hill.

Tammy Tene lives across the street from the hospital.

“The police were telling everybody, ‘move back, move back.’ They were hiding behind their cars not to get shot,” she said. “It was just chaos.”

She said she heard at least 15 gunshots.

Tammy Tene lives across from Brigham & Women’s Hospital (WBZ-TV)

“It was like one after another, one after another,” Tene said. “Everybody was running all over.”

The valet was in serious but stable condition Friday afternoon, according to the hospital. Tene said doctors came running out of the building to help him and “we didn’t know if he was dead or alive.”

“There was kids on the street, people on the street. People were petrified covering their kids,” she said.

Tene said the morning shooting left people shaken.

“I was petrified to death,” she said. “It was just a really scary thing – it was ugly.”


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