By Mike LaCrosse

HAVERHILL (CBS) — The City of Haverhill got the jackpot for part one of Monday’s two-part storm. Nearly a foot of snow fell on the community Sunday into Monday.

“This is a jackpot we didn’t want to hit. It looks like we have the most snow and believe me, we didn’t want it,” said Mayor James Fiorentini.

The mayor said they’ve planned for days and are ready for both parts of this storm. “We started early yesterday pretreating every road in the city. We didn’t anticipate this much snow but we were ready in case it happened,” he said.

People were out early Monday trying to get a handle on the cleanup before part two of the storm arrived.

“Every time the snowblower throws snow on top of the snow it makes it that much harder to move,” said Dan Joubert.

“It’s a lot of work, but it’s still fun to be out here playing in the snow,” said Shawn Joubert.

The lull in the snow gave many a chance to get some errands done and others a chance to enjoy the winter wonderland. Snowmen popped up on front lawns as kids kept busy on their day off from school.

Longtime Haverhill residents said the Winnekinni Castle is the best place to fly down the hill on sleds.

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“Kids stay inside too much now. So I dragged my nephews out and say let’s go. We’re going to go out. We’re going to play in the snow,” said Tammy Muir.

School in Haverhill is canceled Tuesday due to more snow in the forecast.

Mike LaCrosse


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