BOSTON (CBS) — Nearly every well-connected NFL reporter has suggested or flat-out stated that Saturday’s private workout for Colin Kaepernick is a rather odd situation for all involved parties. That may help explain why Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had very little to say about the matter during his press conference on Friday morning.

With the NFL confirming that the Patriots will send an employee to Atlanta to watch the workout, the head coach was asked what he remembered most about Kaepernick’s playing style during his time in the NFL. Belichick very quickly shifted into “no comment” mode.

“Yeah I don’t really have any comment on that,” Belichick said. “We’re trying to get ready for the Eagles. That’s really where my focus is.”

A few questions later, Belichick was asked if he could share which member of the coaching or scouting staff would be attending the workout. Belichick declined.

“Yeah, like I said, I’m really focused on the Eagle game,” Belichick answered. “So, we have a personnel department. Those are the kind of things they do.”

Belichick was then asked if he’s intrigued to see how Kaepernick looks. His answer was right in line with the rest of his comments.

“I’m really focused on trying to beat the Eagles. That intrigues me a lot right there,” Belichick answered. “Just trying to get our team as well-prepared as possible to go down and play a good football team that’s playing very well. Obviously, we didn’t do very well against it last time we played ’em in a competitive situation [in Super Bowl LII]. So that’s really what I’m focused the most on — not last night’s game, not last week’s game, you know, something that happened five years ago, something that happened 10 years ago. I don’t really think that’s that relevant.”

While Belichick remains mum on the matter, several Patriots have expressed support for Kaepernick in his impromptu bid for an NFL comeback, including quarterback Tom Brady.

“To have time off is a challenge, but Colin’s overcome a lot of challenges in his career, and he’s always found a way to produce,” Brady said. “He’s very mentally tough, and I think it’s pretty cool that he’s getting that opportunity.”


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