BOSTON (CBS) — A Boston man who was driving a produce delivery truck in Vermont when he was shot and killed will be remembered as a dedicated employee. Roberto Fonseca-Rivera, 44, was driving for the Katsiroubas Bros. produce company out of Hyde Park at the time of his death.

“When I first heard of what happened, I was in shock,” said company owner Ted Katsiroubas.

“Every interaction I had with him was positive, always smiling, shook my hand. One thing that I’ve been hearing a lot is that he was always in uniform, always on time, very dedicated employee.,” he added.

Roberto Fonseca-Rivera (Photo Via Katsiroubas Bros. Instagram)

Fonseca-Rivera was hired back by Katsiroubas after serving time for drug charges. Fonseca-Rivera pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and to distribute cocaine.

“The way that we looked at it was that he had served his time and he left a very positive impression on us before the incident and we felt that in the spirit of the way that we felt that he was, that we were comfortable with bringing him back and we welcomed him back.”

Vermont State Police said they responded to a call for a welfare check on the driver of a box truck on Route 103 in Rockingham around 5:45 p.m. Saturday. Troopers found the truck pulled over on the side of the road and Fonseca-Rivera with what appeared to be gunshot wounds.

According to a statement from Katsiroubas Bros., police suspect foul play. They described Fonseca-Rivera as “dedicated, kind, and reliable,” and said they want justice for him.

Roberto Fonseca-Rivera’s produce truck found on the side of the road Friday evening. (Photo Courtesy: Vermont State Police)

“Trying to just interview people who are in the immediate area in case they had seen anything and going door to door along a section of route 103 in Chester and Rockingham looking for any possible video or surveillance.”

Police ask anyone with information about the incident to call 802-722-4600.