BOSTON (CBS) – A new plan to reduce traffic congestion at Logan Airport is about to begin and ride-hailing passengers will have to walk farther starting next week.

Ride app operations are moving to the airport’s central parking garage.

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The first phase starts on Monday, October 28, when passengers arriving at terminals A and C will have to catch their ride-share there.

The system will roll out to passengers arriving at terminals B and E on November 4.

As for ride-share drop-offs, they will all move to central parking on December 9, unless you fly early between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m.

“We did take a phased approach because we want to give time for learning, for educating both drivers and riders,” Massport Director of Aviation Business Dan Gallagher said at a news conference Wednesday.

The new ride app pickup area in Logan Airport’s central parking garage. (WBZ-TV)

Passengers with disabilities can still choose to be dropped off and picked up at the terminal curbs.

There will also be a new $3.25 fee for drop-offs. There is already a $3.25 fee for pickups and that will not change.

When this was first announced Uber slammed the idea, claiming it would make trips to the airport more expensive and less convenient.

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Massport said the new plan will help reduce traffic congestion. Uber and Lyft represent 40-percent of the volume at Logan at peak periods, according to Gallahger.

“It does relieves congestion on our neighborhood streets as well,” said Massport’s Director of Community Relations Alaina Coppola.

The agency said the new location will bring greater shelter from the rain, heaters in the winter, a kiosk to check luggage and faster turn around times for drivers dropping passengers off and picking them up.

For passengers who are used to hailing rides curbside though, the real test of convenience will come Monday.

“We’re always thinking of ourselves. How will it best serve my needs? I just want to be picked up here and whisked away,” said traveler Sue Murphy.

Not everyone is looking forward to the changes.

“We do have a lot of stuff.  We rented a car this time, but if we were doing rideshare that would be pretty inconvenient,” said one passenger.

Uber driver Abdel Aguaouz said the plan is flawed.

“It’s not a good idea. For the client, he has to come down all the way from the terminal and he has to carry that luggage,” said Aguaouz.

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