By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — At this point, after six Super Bowl victories, Tom Brady has seemingly seized the unanimous title of Greatest Quarterback of All Time. There are many fans and voices in the media, though, who still want to bestow that title on Peyton Manning.

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While that debate may be futile right now, the bottom line is that football fans had it really, really good when these two all-time greats faced off just about every single season of their Hall of Fame careers.

And while Manning’s career ended almost four years ago, it’s clear that some parts of the Brady-Manning rivalry will never die.

In a teaser clip from the new “Peyton’s Places” episode featuring Brady that aired during Monday night’s pregame show on ESPN, the two quarterbacks reminisced about the good old days while chipping golf balls. At a certain point, Manning asserted that the Colts did not pump noise into the RCA Dome, as they’ve been accused of doing numerous times over the years.

Brady was clearly not buying it.

Brady: “You couldn’t hear anything.”

Manning: “We didn’t pump in any noise either.”

Brady: “Naw, you’re full of s—.”

It was clearly a chummy talk … but … also … Brady might have meant that one.

Also in the teaser clip, Manning asked Brady about the infamous Tuck Rule Game — or as it’s known in New England, the Snow Bowl.

“Oh yeah, I thought the game was over,” Brady admitted, before adding: “For the record, I was pulling it down.”

The two also shared compliments.

Manning: “What I miss is the rivalry. Of all people, it’s like, we cannot give Brady the ball back too quickly.”

Brady: “We never had any margin of error when we played against you.”

The duo also appeared to be paying homage to those great Michael Jordan-Larry Bird commercials from the early ’90s, as Brady and Manning partook in a very serious trick-shot golf competition.

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“Off the house, closest to the pin,” Brady called.

Needing to make a clutch shot to win, Brady muttered, “Typical Peyton Manning, making me earn it.”

Manning then shouted for Brady’s ball to bounce right, as Brady tried to coax it toward the hole.

Interestingly enough, Brady has been busy this season climbing past Manning on the all-time regular-season passing yards list. (Drew Brees currently sits atop the list.) Up next, Brady will look to pass Manning on the all-time touchdown passes list, where Brady currently trails Manning by 12. (Brady is the all-time leader by a mile in both categories when playoff stats are included.)

Brady told Manning in the clip, “This is our virgin shot together. We’ve never been on TV together at the same time.”

Brady also said, “I’d always looked up to you, because you were older than me.”

“Right,” Manning replied. “Still am. Thanks.”

The full episode will debut in early January, but the footage was presumably recorded back in June, when Brady shared a photo on social media of himself and Manning with the caption, “We were friends this whole time.”

Friends, yes, sure. Competitors? Forever.

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