BOSTON (CBS) – The U.S. Marine Corps said it is “deeply saddened” to learn that a member has been identified as a possible suspect in the death of Emerson College student and Hopedale High School graduate Daniel Hollis.

Hollis died after he suffered brain trauma in an Allston assault last week.

Emerson College sophomore Daniel Hollis. (Family Photo)

On Monday, sources told the WBZ-TV I-Team the suspect was in Boston at the time of the incident but has since returned to base in California and was scheduled to ship out. In a statement, the Marines said they are aware of the allegations.

We are deeply saddened to learn that an off-base incident allegedly involving one of our Marines has led to the passing of a man in the Boston community. The event occurred during an approved leave period for the Marine, in the early hours of September 28, 2019. This is a tragic event and is being treated with great care and solemnity on the part of the command.

Sources told the I-Team surveillance video appears to show Hollis was punched and fell back, hitting his head on the concrete.

There is no time table on when the man will be charged or brought back to Boston. The I-Team has learned the district attorney is impaneling a grand jury to hear evidence.


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