By Bill Shields

FALL RIVER (CBS) – The search for missing boater Marc Hanoud in Mt. Hope Bay continued Tuesday with the help of volunteers as well as first responders.

“Now we got to recover the body. So it’s time to bring him home,” said Marty Hanoud, the father of the missing boater. “I’m staying strong for my family, making sure I bring him home.”

The elder Hanoud is a father who is holding it together best he can. He has been in his own boat, along with other volunteers and first responders.

“Right now, we’re just searching to recover my son’s body and bring him home, that’s what we need right now, volunteers to come out with their boats,” said Marty.

Marc Hanoud went missing after a boating accident off Fall River (Family Photo)

Saturday afternoon, Marc was on his powerboat with a friend, 42-year-old Brent Osborne. The boat hit a big wave, then nosedived. Both men were wearing life jackets. Osborne’s body was quickly recovered but its been three days searching for Marc.

“In this instance, we have enough eyewitness statements, to the accident, that we’ve narrowed it down to a relatively small area, between two cans, two bell buoys, that’s where we are focusing,” said Harbormaster Bob Smith.

But this family is still left agonizing.

“I’m staying strong for my family, making sure I bring him home. That’s the bottom line,” said Marty.

First responders and volunteers will be back on the water Wednesday.

Bill Shields


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