By Tashanea Whitlow

BOSTON (CBS) – Saturday was a busy night for Boston police – four people were shot, one person fatally, in just 12 hours after a series of overnight shootings in Dorchester.

The shooting began on Stratton Street. Police responded to a radio call of an adult man suffering from a gunshot wound. That victim was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to be OK.

At 3:40 a.m. on Westview Way in Dorchester, a man was shot. He was taken to an area hospital but later died. Police were spotted combing the area for evidence hours later.

The scene of a Westview Street shooting. (WBZ-TV)

Just after 4 a.m., another shooting took place on Blue Hill Avenue. The victim’s identity was not known, but that person is expected to survive.

The rash of shootings happening hours before families gathered for the annual Caribbean Carnival and parade held at Franklin Park in Dorchester.

Police Commissioner William Gross took pains to separate the two.

“I don’t want anyone to confuse that this shooting happened during J’ouvert,” he said. “Everyone always tries to blame the festivals that we have for our great families, and it’s just wrong to do so.”

Gross blames house parties for contributing to some of the violence. “There’s parties before and after festivals. In most recent years, there’s been no violence. It’s the night before. And even though we tell people year after year: Be careful when you go to house parties.”

Gross also thanked residents for their help. “We’ve been very proactive in asking neighbors to identify places, so we can shut them down.”

Lawanda Waiter is no stranger to violence. She was shot in her right arm when she was 20 years old. “It’s unfair. We came outside to have a good time today and look what happened.” She tells WBZ that her son, who she declined to name, was arrested for murder last year.

Meanwhile, the violence didn’t stop on Westview Street. An early morning shooting followed a pre-parade celebration on Talbot Avenue.

“Two men who had no regard for anyone actually started to shoot at each other in the presence of police officers,” Gross said. According to Gross, around 20 officers were present at the time of that shooting. One man was wounded and both were arrested.

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The commissioner blames lax gun laws. “There’s too many guns [on] the streets. That’s why we’re proposing that everyone enhancing their guns legislation so that we have unilateral gun laws.”

District Attorney Rachel Rollins vowed to protect anyone with comes forward with information about the shootings that leads to an arrest. “Any information if you have, we’ll do anything we can to protect you.”

So far, there has been no arrest in the fatal shooting on Westview Street. Police are asking anyone who has information to come forward.

Tashanea Whitlow


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