UXBRIDGE (CBS) — The man accused of killing a jogger in a hit and run crash appeared before a judge in Uxbridge District Court Monday. Shane Newman, 39, pleaded not guilty and is being held on $250,000 cash bail.

Newman allegedly left 51-year-old Daniel de Lima to die after hitting him last Wednesday morning. De Lima’s family said he was an avid runner and beloved therapist.

Police arrested Newman on Friday in Webster. Prosecutors in court detailed how police identified the car involved. By looking at 50 pieces of headlight left at the scene, investigators learned the make and model of the car. A scrap of paint on de Lima’s running watch determined the car was white and based on the early time of the crash, police assumed the driver was local.

“There were two white Cadillac SRXs registered in the town of Sutton. One was immediately ruled out, the second was registered to the defendant’s father. Sutton Police received information that the defendant, Shane Newman, might be in possession of that vehicle,” said a prosecutor.

Shane Newman begins to cry as he is arraigned in Uxbridge District Court Monday (WBZ-TV)

Police were then granted a warrant for Newman’s cell phone GPS record. They discovered Newman had allegedly had taken the car to Putnam, Conn. and was attempting to have it repaired.

Three coworkers also told police Newman’s car appeared damaged when he came to work on the morning of Aug. 14.  “At one point, when he was pulling in to his place of employment, one of his coworkers asked what happened, and he stated, ‘I don’t know, I must have hit something I must have been in a crash,'” the prosecutor added.

Newman was charged with leaving the scene of a motor vehicle crash causing personal injury and death.

Outside court, his defense attorney said, “He wants to respect their feelings. He’s a family man himself.”

Newman’s record shows he has been charged with leaving the scene of property damages twice before.

A pretrial hearing was scheduled for Oct. 2.


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