By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — The football world has survived another instance of instant replay review on a potential pass interference penalty.

The world is still spinning.

The play came on just the third offensive snap of the game. Rookie cornerback Joejuan Williams was in coverage against receiver Corey Davis on a third-and-10.

The ruling on the field was an incomplete pass, but replay showed Williams’ hand on Davis’ left hip, resulting in the corner slightly twisting the receiver’s body while the pass was in the air. That replay prompted Vrabel and staff to throw the red challenge flag for pass interference.

The review from the league office itself was pretty quick, with referee Clay Martin informing the crowd and the viewers at home that the ruling on the field would stand.

As for a conclusion to draw from the review, it would appear as though ticky-tack, minor contact will not result in pass interference being called after the fact. That was the case for two straight preseason weeks for Patriots opponents, as Matt Patricia was unsuccessful with a challenge a week prior on a play that also involved Williams.

In this instance, Williams very clearly committed pass interference to some degree on Davis, but because it wasn’t called on the field, it was not deemed enough pass interference to warrant a flag after the fact. It appears as though — for now, at least — that it would take an egregious foul to have taken place in order for a penalty to be assessed via review. We shall see in the regular season if that remains consistent.

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