BOSTON (CBS) – Boston’s Fourth of July celebration on the Esplanade Thursday night will feature a performance from the nation’s first-ever Youth Poet Laureate.

Amanda Gorman, a 21-year-old senior at Harvard University, has spoken to the Library of Congress and met with former First Lady Michelle Obama. At the request of CBS This Morning, Gorman wrote a poem honoring Independence Day called “Believer’s Hymn For The Republic.”

In the video above, watch Gorman perform her poem at Boston’s Symphony Hall with musical accompaniment from the Boston Pops playing “Battle Hymn Of The Republic.”

“For it’s not just in a Declaration of Independence, but the everyday declaration of its descendants that make a people equal,” her poem states. “And so let us make a pact to be the country that acts as compassionate as we are courageous.”

Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman and the Boston Pops (Image credit: CBS This Morning)

Pops conductor Keith Lockhart said at a news conference Tuesday that Gorman is “truly an extraordinarily creative force who has really brilliant, beautiful and thought-provoking things to say about this country we love.”

“I know this will be a highlight of this year’s program,” he said.

Gorman also spoke briefly about the inspiration for her performance.

“We wanted a musical and poetic composition that felt anthemic which also spoke to the higher ideals of America – of belonging, of diversity. . . of equality.”

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  1. Nancy Naragon says:

    Thank you for bringing this inspiring and uplifting performance to us!! She is special and her poem gets to the heart of what our great country is all about!

  2. Such an awe-inspiring deliver of your awesome poem, “Believer’s Hymn For The Republic,” for America’s 4th July, 2019 Celebration at Boston Hall, with the Boston Pops Orchestra playing,“Battle Hymn Of The Republic,” for background music. Continue on Amanda Gorman, you’re doing just great my dear sister. I’m very proud of you. Great job and blessings always!

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