BOSTON (CBS) – On Wednesday, a large number of Wayfair employees walked out of the company’s Boston headquarters to demand it stop doing business with BCFS, which operates migrant detention facilities for the Department of Health and Human Services.

Peter Cohan, a management expert and lecturer at Babson College, joined WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller to discuss the walkout and other matters of the economy.

Keller at Large: Part 2


“They have a lot of employees that are millennials, and the millennials feel very passionately about certain political issues. If they want to retain their millennial employees, I think they really have to respect their views,” he said.

Cohan said he believes Wayfair miscalculated by deciding the profit from the sale of beds to BCFS was worth the damage done to its brand.

“Everything in this society is highly politicized these days,” Cohan said. “There’s a lot of people supporting Democrats and a lot of people passionately supporting Republicans. We can’t pretend there is no politics going on. We have a very sharply divided country around different places. Every business has to understand where its employees and customers are coming from and position themselves accordingly.”

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  1. Theodore Oule says:

    It was also bad PR for the Democrats.

    They are bemoaning the fact that illegal immigrants are having to sleep on the floors of the detention centers, and here they are complaining about a company that is making the very product that is needed to alleviate the very condition that they are self-righteously determining to be an humanitarian crisis.

    Can’t have it both ways…

    But the Democrats will certainly try their best.