BOSTON (CBS) – Days before Boston’s Pride parade fills city streets, celebrating the LGBTQ community, another parade proposal is causing an uproar on social media. John Hugo is the president of a group calling itself Super Happy Fun America. His goal is to create a straight pride parade.

Hugo explains, “We want people to be aware that there is not only one side of things. There’s a lot of people that are uncomfortable with a lot of things that are going on in our country and they’re afraid to speak up.”

The idea for a straight pride parade is one Mayor Walsh is quick to dismiss.

John Hugo (WBZ-TV)

“Come on, I don’t know what this straight pride parade is all about. I know that we have a pride parade on Saturday and that’s what I’m going to march in,” Mayor Walsh said.

Boston Pride President Linda Demarco says in a statement: “Boston Pride welcomes everyone to march in the Pride Parade this Saturday, June 8th. We know that straight allies of the LGBTQ community are among the thousands of supporters who come out every year to march, observe and celebrate. We are looking forward to seeing our straight friends, family, and neighbors at the Boston Pride parade and festival this Saturday along with members of the LGBTQ community. In the meantime, we are focused on putting on our largest Boston Pride parade ever.”

Boston Pride Parade (WBZ-TV)

Hugo says if they do get the go ahead from the city, they’d like to hold the parade the last Saturday of August and it would be the same route as this weekend’s pride parade.

He also says next year he would be open to merging with the Pride Parade.

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  1. This is genius!!!! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…..

  2. Jason Weishaupt says:

    I work in Nat Sec to protect ALL Amerikans’ right to march. But remember this, 100% of Iraq under Saddam was bully run by only 15% of the population.

  3. Brad Moore says:

    July 4th is going to be a great parade in DC!!! Let everyone celebrate!

  4. Will Thompson says:

    I really hope Mayor Walsh will not wear those leather hot pants again.

    I kid, I kid.

  5. Jim Toms says:

    I thought liberals were in favor of tolerance and inclusiveness?

  6. JAKE671 says:


  7. Bobby Sargent says:

    Outrage! Outrage! Outrage! There is just not enough Outrage these days and I am Outraged!

  8. Gary Arpon says:

    Proof that teh gays KNOW they are freaks!

  9. John Kaffen says:

    If a gay parade is ok, then a normal parade is. If the gays don’t like it, they can go eff each other…oh wait, they already do.

  10. Una B Connors says:

    Straight people have no need to parade around for the purpose of a public proclamation as to their sexual preference.

  11. Mark Green says:

    This attack on Free Assembly is not a ‘backlash’.

    It is a politically-correct assault on Free Speech.

  12. Matthew A Crawford says:

    Now we just have to decide which month will be heterosexual pride month,my vote is for August.

  13. We need every straight person from the Northeast who objects to the current LGBTQ insanity to show up for this event. Let’s get millions of people there as a show of force against the culture crusaders of the Left. If Boston denies the permit we need to have the event in defiance. If they try to stop us, let the American Yellow Vest Revolution commence.

  14. William P. Ratigan says:

    When the left AKA fringe community wants to marginalize what has been normal for eons it proves they are only interested in their own selfish needs. Its a huge tell. Straight people for the most part are the reason they exist at all.

  15. Tom Smith says:

    Pride comes before the fall! God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble!

  16. Dave Fay says:

    It’s okay to not be gay

  17. stickyicky97 says:

    I never understood how prancing around almost naked and depicting sex acts during a Pride Parade helps advance their cause or why it’s celebrated. Imagine if the Straight Pride Parade did something similiar. With that being said, I am for anyone being allowed to have a parade. If you’re going to accommadate one group, you should do the same with the others.

  18. I love it when the gays say they welcome everyone to march in their parade. In my mind joining a group that promoted necrophilia would be just as repugnant as associating with the gay activist nuts. They have de-facto isolation. It is easy to start a group no normal person wants to join then say the normals discriminate against you. Is the new normal abnormal?

  19. Don McCoy says:

    “Pride” is ONLY OK for minorities! Gay pride…women’s pride…Black pride–ONLY for minorities. If a white male has pride he’s in violation of SEVERAL Leftist Social Justice mandates and MUST be attacked an punished IMMEDIATELY. But KEEP working and KEEP paying taxes! I’m proud to be straight. Proud to be white. Proud to be male. Not sorry, either.

  20. Patrick Holman says:

    Thank you to the LGBTQP community for your tolerance and inclusiveness of all people regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, color, race, or social class. You make a fine example of love and kindness as you embrace the vastly diverse community of Boston. Pride should be proud of themselves!

  21. Bob Kathy Mosca says:

    wait? I don’t have the right to be proud that I’m straight? Yet I must acknowledge and salute the brave gays and transgender who insist on calling me an intolerant so and so because I simply disagree with them?

  22. The concept is a strange one: let’s have a parade celebrating what I do with my genitals in my free time. Oddest reason for a parade, ever.

  23. Larry Waltz says:

    How dare they try and have a parade. A bunch of homophobes

  24. Alan McKenzie says:

    I am still trying to understand a couple of things:

    1) Why do we think it’s right/good to go around telling people what your sexual preferences and such are? Do we also go around shouting “I like to eat cookies” or “Just because I eat with my mouth open doesn’t make me a pig, it’s just my choice” Of course not.

    Is the LG+ (shortened to same me time) community having these parades and such doing it to ADVERTISE? Is it because they want MORE MEMBERS? Remember now, this is a ‘group’ of people that makes up less than 4% of the US population . Yep, it’s 3.8% TOTAL – not the much thrown out 10% – that’s not even CLOSE! In fact not one STATE is that high, even Washington D.C. (which isn’t a state and is at 8.6%) – check WikiPedia if you don’t believe me.

    So, is there a movement to increase those numbers for some reason? If so, isn’t that going AGAINST the notion that we are ‘born’ that way?

    2) Why is it that we have TWO whole MONTHS (June AND October) labeled as LGBT Pride months, but only ONE DAY to celebrate our VETERANS?? (oh sure, there’s D-Day for those that were in WWII and Armed Forces day for those in the Military currently, but most people don’t hear about them much).

    So, 60 days for LG+ celebrations, but only 3 days for the people who have fought or are continuing to fight to protect our nation and ALL its inhabitants?

    And even with those 3 days, only ONE is really about having PRIDE in our soldiers (Armed Forces Day) while the other two are days of remembrance. What a shame that LG+ are given so much more ‘press’ and ‘pride’ than our fine soldiers.

  25. Joe Renaud says:

    Both the city of Boston and the gay community are biased when it comes to their ideas of “equality”. Anyone not towing their agenda is seen as an enemy and that sows hatred from mostly the far left and gay communities towards the rest of their population who are in fact the largest tax base in Boston. Keep up the hatred Mayor of Boston, eventually your tax base will get wise and leave.

  26. Iehova Deus says:

    I will soon be moving to a small town in the Boston area. I suppose that I will have to avoid publicly criticising immorality when in Boston, lest Democrats or their paramilitary wing, Antifa, attack me for it. I do look forward to the day when it is ourselves who will be in power, and will be able to censor anti-Christian speech, as our enemies now censor Christian speech. Today the First Amendment is disregarded by legislators and judges who are anti-Christian; tomorrow it will be disregarded by us.

  27. I find this totally disgusting and homophobic. They are basically undermining the fact that gay people have to go to the streets to ask straight people to stop bullying, killing and consider them second-class people just because they don’t want to fall in love with a person of the opposite sex.

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