BOSTON (AP) — An attempt at a “straight pride” parade in Boston has sparked outrage days before the city hosts its gay pride parade.

Efforts by the group calling itself Super Happy Fun America come amid LGBTQ Pride Month, with Boston’s parade scheduled for Saturday.

City officials say the group has been in contact with the city, but hasn’t received permits. Organizers want to host the parade in August.

The group didn’t immediately respond to email or Facebook messages.

Boston Pride President Linda Demarco said in a statement Tuesday that straight allies of the LGBTQ community are among the thousands who come out every year to march and celebrate.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh didn’t mention the “straight pride” parade in a statement Tuesday, but the Democrat said this week is about “Boston’s values of love and inclusion, which are unwavering.”

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  1. Joe Casey says:

    This will be spun as “hatred” I am sure.

  2. This is hilarious. I say let it happen and have all media coverage. I will get the popcorn ready and sit on my comfy couch to watch. Wouldn’t a “straight pride parade” in Boston just be a bunch of drunk Boston guys stumbling down the street swearing and fighting and puking on each other? BRING IT!

  3. Steve Forseth says:

    Isn’t a straight pride parade just the drive thru line at Chick-fil-A?

  4. Ryan Delcambre says:

    Im straight, I was born this way ! It deserves a celebration. The celebration of creation!

  5. newsandtimes says:

    hahaha we only want freedom of speech and assembly when it suits the leftist/communist agenda. screams in the air NNNOOOOOOO….

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