By Juli McDonald

NORTON (CBS) – The Norton Police officer who revived a critically injured National Grid worker Tuesday described his response simply and humbly: “I was in the right place at the right time,” said Patrolman Jim Cameron.

The emergency happened on West Hodges Street, where crews were replacing utility poles. One worker was about 35 feet up replacing lines.

“Just doing the road detail and looking up at the bucket,” Cameron said. “Saw a flash, the victim fell. Just ran and we got to working on him. Brought him back.”

Norton Police Patrolman Jim Cameron (WBZ-TV)

That flash – the worker coming in contact with the high power line; 7600 watts of electricity flowing through it. Patrolman Cameron credits the victim’s own coworkers, who provided first aid while he performed CPR.

“To be part of a team that saved a life, it’s overwhelming. I can’t put it into words,” Cameron said.

A utility worker is severely injured after he was burned and fell 35 feet while on the job in Norton (WBZ-TV)

But he does say, he’s no hero.

“When we talk about heroes, heroes are the people who don’t come home and see their families again,” Cameron said.

The worker was rushed to Rhode Island Hospital. His family tells the police department that he is doing well. Patrolman Cameron was able to visit with the man on Wednesday.

Juli McDonald