QUINCY (CBS) — Quincy Police announced Monday that the report of a woman being attacked in Russell Park one week ago was fabricated.

On March 25, a 49-year-old woman told police a man grabbed her from behind, threw her to the ground, and stole money from her purse while she walked behind the park’s tennis courts.

Russell Park in Quincy (WBZ-TV)

“As part of a thorough investigation, detectives reviewed surveillance in the area of the crime scene. When Detective Eddy re-interviewed the alleged victim, she confessed that she had made a false report,” said police.

The woman will now be summonsed to Quincy District Court for filing a false police report.

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  1. Jeff Dranetz says:

    But if Jussie can get away with, why can’t she get away with it, too?

  2. Fritz Womack says:

    I await the FBI investigation of this cheered on by the not-racist President who demands equal justice for “both sides.”

  3. Kel Bos says:

    Funny how the police department is protecting her from public scrutiny by NOT even releasing her name.

    They must be corrupt (if we’re to apply the same selective outrage displayed with the Smollett case)

  4. What is her name? Why are you hiding it because she is white. Anyone who gets arrested should have their mugshot and booking available.

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