By Bill Shields

SHARON (CBS) — When Sharon High School teacher Brad Lengas was arraigned last week on charges of indecent assault and battery on a person over 14, perhaps few of his students found it surprising.

Lengas has been a teacher at Sharon High School for years. And for years, some students say girls in his class have felt uneasy around him.

“He was always known to just be very inappropriate to female students,” said senior Alana Gardner.

Brad Lengas (Image from 2014 Sharon High School yearbook)

Several female students went to police last fall and it led to the criminal charges against Lengas.

But many students say Principal Jose Libano was culpable too because he did not do enough.

“Personally, I wish that this was handled a very, very long time ago and much faster than it has unraveled,” said senior Gabby Skoko.

Libano is on administrative leave. But students still want their disapproval to be heard.

Sharon High School students protested with flyers (Photo Courtesy: Brian Higgins)

When they tried to put up signs protesting has lack of action last week, the flyers were taken down by administrators.

“I also am concerned that it’s just going to be a situation where he’s gone and they are going to say everything is fixed,” said Gardner.

Skoko added, “I would say there’s a growing sense of hope, a growing sense of empowerment,” said Skoko.

Police have taken complaints from at least four female students, and are asking any graduates to contact them concerning Brad Lengas.

Bill Shields

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  1. Joe Casey says:

    What did the principal do or not do that these students are after him too? What did the students do? Their parents? Do the students want more heads? Another witch hunt?

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