By Ken MacLeod

SHARON (CBS) – A longtime science teacher at Sharon High School has been fired after police charged him with a pair of sex offenses. Brad Lengas, 56, has taught physics and chemistry at the school since 1999.

“I didn’t really like him,” says senior Evanjuline Elisma, “We kind of butted heads.” Elisma took his course as a freshman, even as older students described Lengas as “creepy and touchy.”

“The complaints have always been the same,” says Elisma. “I’ve always heard the same thing so it wasn’t anything new.”

But it wasn’t until December that Lengas was suspended, as local police and the district attorney began probing the “teacher’s alleged misconduct” – according to a statement from school superintendent Victoria Greer.

Brad Lengas (Image from 2014 Sharon High School yearbook)

He was fired Monday as police acknowledged the investigation has “now culminated in criminal charges.”

Those charges include indecent assault and battery on a person over the age of 14, along with accosting and annoying a person of the opposite sex.

The school says its “first priority is the protection and safety of our students” – although police have not yet indicated the victim was one.

“What can you do?” asked a disgusted and frustrated Lauren Andrews, whose two sons go to Sharon High. “We trust these people with our children’s lives when we send them here.”

“Fortunately my daughter didn’t know him,” says parent Peter Kaplan. “I’m glad the school acted correctly, appropriately and quickly.”

Lengas was also an advisor to kids in the National Honor Society – according to his bio – which describes him as an avid camper and hiker who once served with the Peace Corps in Africa.

“I think it’s horrible – if it’s true,” says a woman picking up her daughter at Sharon High. “I guess we’ll have to wait to see what happens.”

One senior told us she hated to see her school’s reputation tarnished by this.

“The charges are certainly concerning,” says Veronica Wallace. “But it’s sad this has to go under our school name.”

A call to the science teacher’s home in Cumberland, Rhode Island Monday night went unanswered.

“I’m glad something’s being done about it,” says senior Evanjuline Elisma.

Lengas has not been arrested – so he’s free.

He’s been summoned to court on March 6th.

Ken MacLeod

  1. David Brown says:

    This man taught me chemistry 15 years ago. Loved him as a teacher. He was a respectful and gentle person. Can’t imagine these allegations have merit.