By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Last week, Martellus Bennett made a public plea for the Patriots to bring him back. It now appears as though he was serious.

Shortly after news broke Friday that the Patriots had acquired defensive tackle Michael Bennett, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Martellus Bennett “is interested in coming out of retirement” to join up with Michael in Foxboro.

Martellus, 31, posted a video last week while working out, in which he said, “I heard this is the year of the comeback. ‘Sup Patriots? Yo, Bill, Tom, holla at ya boy. You already know what’s up.”

Bennett added: “Yo, Gronk, hold on. Hold on, Gronk! Hold on, Gronk! Your boy’s on the way, Gronk! Hold on, Gronk! Your boy’s on the way, Gronk! Put the Robin signal in the air, Batman. Let’s go! Put the Robin signal in the air. Robin’s coming back, Batman!”

At the time, Bennett posted online that was “Trollinnnngggggg,” but Schefter’s report this week shows that he is indeed serious.

Bennett had two stints with the Patriots. The first, in 2016, was significant, as he was able to take over starting tight end duties when Rob Gronkowski was lost to injury. Bennett caught 55 passes for 701 yards and seven touchdowns that season, before catching 11 passes for 98 yards in the playoff run to a Super Bowl victory. Bennett drew a pass interference penalty at the goal line to set up the Patriots’ overtime touchdown vs. Atlanta.

Bennett left via free agency after the year, signing with Green Bay. But a dispute over his injury status led to him leaving the Packers and re-signing with the Patriots. That reunion was short-lived, though, as he played in just two games with the Patriots before suffering a season-ending injury.

The tight end then retired. But a year later, seeing the Patriots win another Super Bowl and seeing his older brother become the newest player in New England, the tight end apparently wants to return.

The Patriots figure to have room, too, after they cut veteran tight end Dwayne Allen last week.

Rob Gronkowski caught 47 passes last season. Allen was the only other tight end on the Patriots’ roster to record a catch, and he had just three.

Bennett made some news last week when he tweeted that he wouldn’t mind selling his Super Bowl ring, which he of course earned with the Patriots.

“Not broke at all. Just doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t wear it don’t plan on wearing it. I’d rather sell it than just have it in a box with the key to the city of Dallas. Lol,” Bennett tweeted.

When one fan said “it’s just jewelry,” Bennett agreed.

“Exactly. The ring was the least exciting part for me,” Bennett said. “Although the ring party thingy was a blast. Lol. I danced all night it was great.”

As Schefter noted, if the Patriots were to sign Bennett out of retirement and also re-sign Jason McCourty, the team could employ two pairs of brothers in significant roles.


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