By Ken MacLeod

MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – Police have a charged a man with second-degree murder in the shooting death of a woman in Manchester.

Authorities say Justin Moura was arrested Monday in connection with the death of 34-year-old Tanya Hall on Saturday.

The victim’s boyfriend, Jermey Winslow, tells WBZ he did have a brief confrontation with the accused shooter inside a nightclub. Winslow is numb with grief and disbelief.

Winslow recounted those horrifying moments from Saturday night when Hall died in his Jeep, her head on his shoulder.

Tanya Hall (Courtesy photo)

“She lights up a room, she doesn’t even have to smile, but when she smiles it’s something you won’t forget,” Winslow said.

It began at the Manchvegas Nightclub where the pair had spent the evening dancing until a bump near the men’s room drew icy stares from three guys in black vests, apparently members of a local motorcycle club.

Tanya Hall and Jeremy Winslow (WBZ-TV)

“I said whatever and I had sort of brushed it off my shoulder and I walked back to the dance floor,” Winslow said.

But when the hostile trio moved closer, Jeremy says he told Tanya they needed to leave. He says the trio followed them to his Jeep, punching at the windows as he peeled off.

“As I drove past them standing on the sidewalk I heard a pop and I knew it was my window,” Winslow explained.

Minutes later, Tanya would be dead from a gunshot wound to the back. On Monday, police arrested 34-year-old Justin Moura for second degree murder, but Jeremy believes his two biker comrades are equally to blame.

Justin Moura (Photo Courtesy: Manchester, N.H. Police)

“Right now I’m still angry that I feel like there is somebody else still out there who needs to be brought to justice,” Winslow said. But even more so, he misses Tanya, the mother to an 18-month-old son.

The accused shooter will be arraigned Tuesday morning and police say their investigation isn’t over.

Ken MacLeod

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