BOSTON (CBS) – Julian Edelman took center stage Monday morning, receiving his Super Bowl MVP trophy and even getting Patriots coach Bill Belichick to crack a joke.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell presented Edelman with his MVP trophy at the annual press conference. There were no boos this time for Goodell.

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Edelman busted out his best Belichick impression, reminiscing about of one of his first interactions with his coach, which happened during his rookie year. At about 11 p.m. one night, the two happened to cross paths in the team’s facility.

“By the grace of god we were walking out at the same time. I had probably said maybe three words to him at the time before that. I was on the team for like six months,” Edelman recalled. “I just looked at him because I saw him on the treadmill watching film at 10 o’clock at night. I go ‘Coach you sure like football huh?’ He goes, ‘It beats being a plumber. See you tomorrow.’”

Julian Edelman receives his Super Bowl MVP trophy. (WBZ-TV)

Before he opened his remarks about the team’s Super Bowl win, Belichick jokingly set the record straight.

“First of all, I think Julian might have misquoted me. I have a ton of respect for plumbers. I can barely turn the water on myself. Those people do a great job. I think I said ‘It beats working,’” Belichick quipped.

Edelman reflected on his team’s Super Bowl season, focusing on the adversity they faced all year.

“I’m just so proud of the group of gust that we had this year. The ups and downs that we all had with the ebbs and flows of the season,” he said. “When you play a whole year you see how the team shapes up, and see how this team grinded and worked this year. When things weren’t at its best, we just constantly go out and improve, just shows what kind of group of guys it was the 2018 Patriots. A resilient group and one you’ll never forget.”


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