By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

ATLANTA (CBS) — “Opening Night” on the Monday prior to the Super Bowl is generally the time that members of the media can let out all of their zany, irreverent, and off-the-wall questions.

Tuesday afternoon is not.

One member of the media didn’t exactly get that memo, as he ended up being woefully out of place when asking Bill Belichick for a selfie on Tuesday at the Patriots’ team hotel in downtown Atlanta.

The exchange went as follows:

Reporter: Kind of a unique question…

Belichick: Great.

Reporter: With social media, could I come up and take a selfie with you Coach? Would that be OK?

Belichick: Yeah. Yeah, we’ll get that later, all right?

Reporter: Maybe if I just got in front of the podium and you waved?

At that point, the people running the press conference promptly asked for the next question to be asked.

The press conference then proceeded as normal, with Belichick answering thoroughly when the next question centered on James White and Sony Michel.

The reporter who asked for the selfie was Anthony Parziale, aka “Spaz” from radio station WAAF in Boston.

Though Belichick wasn’t entirely playing along with some of the sillier questions sent his way on Monday at “Opening Night,” that clearly would have been a more opportune to request a selfie with the coach.