BOSTON (CBS) – The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission’s Executive Director says he’s concerned about the way a marijuana lab is throwing away its pot products after they’re tested. “Public safety, public health, is one of those things that we’re going to take really seriously,” said Shawn Collins after a meeting of the CCC’s Advisory Board.

Investigators look through dumpster behind MCR Labs in Framingham (WBZ-TV)

Earlier this week, investigators collected what police say are vials of pure and extremely potent liquid THC, along with marijuana plant material. They found it in an unsecured dumpster behind the Framingham facility, MCR Labs. The city’s mayor says it’s a clear violation of the state’s regulations around disposing cannabis.

WBZ’s I-Team obtained photographs of the evidence, marijuana in plastic bags.

Some of the marijuana product found in a dumpster behind MCR Labs. (Image credit: Framingham Police)

When Collins saw the pictures, he said it was unclear if anyone had tampered with the material. “That’s one of those things we’re going to look into, exactly what was disposed of in that facility and what their disposal practices are,” Collins said.

Marijuana product found in dumpster behind MCR Labs (Image credit: Framingham Police)

MCR released a statement Wednesday, saying in part, “MCR Labs is cooperating with the Cannabis Control Commission to review the matter. As a matter of policy, we routinely render useless all products that we test.”

That’s not supposed to mean throwing the so-called useless products in a dumpster, according to industry experts. If that is what’s happening, Collins says the CCC wants to know about it. “Those are the things we’re always looking for,” he said. “If someone has something to share with us, we’re all ears.”

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