By Louisa Moller

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – Framingham’s mayor has asked the Cannabis Control Commission to investigate MCR Labs after police discovered hundreds of vials of THC and other marijuana products in a dumpster behind the facility.

Police said the pot dump was a violation of state regulations which say that marijuana that is thrown away should be rendered unusable and that “No fewer than two Marijuana Establishment Agents must witness and document how the marijuana waste is disposed or otherwise handled.”

Marijuana sample at Proverde Labs (WBZ-TV)

WBZ’s I-Team went to another lab, Proverde Labs, in Milford to find out how other labs are disposing of their samples.

Proverde Founder and CEO Dorian Des Lauriers says they mix their solid samples, such as Marijuana flower, with other materials.

“For the solid waste, we mix it in with all kinds of trash, lots of dish soap, and things like that and mix it all together,” Des Lauriers said.

They put liquid samples in hazardous waste bins to be picked by a hazardous waste company.

Marijuana samples placed in hazardous waste container at Proverde Labs (WBZ-TV)

Every time they get rid of a sample, Des Lauriers says, they have two people witness the disposal.

“Diversion is a real issue and we’ve been very, very careful that nothing that we do contributes to the diversion issue here,” Des Lauriers said.

On Wednesday, MCR labs released a statement saying in part, “MCR Labs is cooperating with the Cannabis Control Commission to review the matter. As a matter of policy, we routinely render useless all products that we test.”

The statement also says that the lab has instituted additional protocols.

The Cannabis Control Commission confirms it was alerted to a situation at MCR.

Louisa Moller


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