BOSTON (CBS) – A Patriots fan who grabbed only his Tom Brady jersey as he evacuated his home during the “Camp Fire” in California received a special delivery from the New England quarterback.

Christian Holland lost his home during the November fire. In November, Brady shared a photo of Holland holding his jersey, and said he wanted to connect with the fan.

Christian Holland holds the football mailed to him by Tom Brady. (Image Credit: Christian Holland)

Holland lost his home in the wildfire, but on Saturday said that he received Brady’s autographed football, and it was a bright spot in trying times.

“A little ‘Silver Lining’ to the story that is my life,” Holland posted. “The football Tom Brady sent me! Thank you my friends for all of your support during this very difficult and trying time.”

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  1. Shallow fan honors a shallow, narcissistic, “out-of-human-touch” Tom Brady. Most NFL players (e.g. J.J. Watt and other Walter Payton man of the year recipients) are more mature and humane in their responses to fans. I now understand why TB12 was NEVER selected.

  2. malewurmhole says:

    Hard to imagine how anyone could say anything negative about this story but then we have Gina Powell.

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