By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Ten months ago, Josh McDaniels’ prospects as a head coach in the NFL were shot, according to nearly everyone in the football world. But now, he’s apparently in position to potentially go from coaching Tom Brady to coaching Aaron Rodgers.

Things can change pretty quickly in football.

After Mike McCarthy was fired by the Packers on Sunday, the speculation has begun as to whom the next head coach in Green Bay might be. And Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports had some interesting information about the chances of McDaniels heading to Wisconsin:

“A handful of NFL assistant coaches have indicated interest in joining a McDaniels-led coaching staff in Green Bay, according to sources who spoke to Yahoo Sports on Sunday. So much so that at least one has pulled his name from consideration for a college coordinator position.”

The story did not specifically report that the Packers are interested in hiring McDaniels, and likewise, it did not report that McDaniels wants to coach in Green Bay. In fact, Robinson reported that McDaniels has “been advised to stay away from teams” with the power structure that the Packers currently employ.

Nevertheless, with creative offensive play callers in high demand, and with McDaniels having by far the best track record of NFL success in that department among potential candidates, it’s only natural for speculation to center on the Patriots’ offensive coordinator to try to make the most of the final years of Rodgers’ career.

Whether that actually comes to fruition, we will find out in the coming months. But one thing that’s become crystal clear in recent weeks? Visor season is back on.


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