BOSTON (CBS) — Patriots players are disappointed with a fan who threw their beer at Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill during New England’s victory over Kansas City on Sunday night at Gillette Stadium.

After Hill scored on a 75-yard connection with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes late in the fourth quarter, he ran to the back of the end zone and was greeted by a slew of middle fingers from Patriots fans. One fan took it too far and doused the receiver with his beer.

That fan has been identified as a 21-year-old from Mansfield, and has been banned from Gillette Stadium. He will also be summonsed to court and face charges of disorderly conduct in the near future.

Patriots players did not condone the fan’s actions Monday from the locker room inside Gillette Stadium, saying theycrossed a line.

“I’m definitely not OK with that,” said special teams captain Matthew Slater. “I think for the most part, our fans are very respectful. We try to be respectful to our opponents. But I think you have to put yourselves in other people’s shoes and realize, hey, if you’re on the street and you see a guy, you’re not going to dash a beer on him, you’re not going to disrespect him like that. When you come to the game, certainly we appreciate you being rowdy, and we appreciate your support. But there’s a line that you should not cross, and obviously, throwing beer on somebody is unacceptable.”

“That’s just a little bit too crazy,” said tight end Rob Gronkowski. “Us players are out there competing, trying to be the best we can be out there. That’s just a little bit too much, I would say. I’ll let the police and the organization, whatever they do, handle it.”

The Patriots play their next two games on the road before returning to Gillette Stadium for another Sunday Night Football matchup with the Green Bay Packers.