CHICOPEE (CBS) – Police in Western Massachusetts are saying some people “just do not get it” after citing a driver again for hauling a dangerous, unsecured load in his pickup truck.

On Monday, Chicopee police shared photos of a pickup truck hauling a large amount of tree branches that obstructed the vehicle’s tail lights and license plate. An officer stopped the vehicle on Memorial Drive.

“What will make your head shake even more, THIS IS THE SAME OPERATOR AGAIN,” police said, referring to a June 20 incident on I-91 in Springfield.

In that case, Massachusetts State Police cited the driver for an unsecured and uncovered load of metal chairs and cabinets.

“I am sure you are thinking to yourself, both instances are extremely dangerous, and not smart,” Chicopee police said. “If you have to carry a load in your pickup truck, DO NOT DO IT LIKE THIS.”

Chicopee police cited the driver again for having an unsecured load. They also said an officer would speak to the Registry of Motor Vehicles about educating the driver on road safety.


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